19JUL20 / 2200Z - Melbourne Fly-out @YMML

Summary: This is my first event so I thought I should do it where I’m from. Melbourne airport is the main airport in Melbourne opened in 1970 to replace Essendon airport. There are 4 terminals at Melbourne airport, terminal 1 is qantas domestic, terminal 2 is International, terminal 3 is Virgin Australia and terminal 4 is budget airlines (Jetstar and tiger). In 2016-17 around 25 million Domestic and 10 million International passengers used the airport being the second biggest airport in Australia.

(If there is anything wrong with anything please let me know)

Server: Expert
Airport: Melbourne airport (YMML)
Time: 2020-07-18T22:00:00Z (should change to you Timezone)


Terminal 1 (Qantas Domestic) 19 left
Gate Destination Time Airline Aircraft pilot
C1 Adelaide 1:20 Qantas 737-8
C2 Alice Springs 3:00 Qantas 737-8
C3 Brisbane 2:05 Qantas 737-8
C4 Broome 4:45 Qantas 737-8
C5 Cairns 3:20 Qantas 737-8
C6 Canberra 0:55 Qantas 737-8 @Hayden_Buerckner
C7 Darwin 4:20 Qantas 737-8
C8 Gold Coast 2:05 Qantas 737-8
C9 Sydney 1:20 Qantas 737-8 @ORD777flyer
C10 Hobart 1:15 Qantas 737-8
C11 Sydney 1:20 Qantas 787-9 @Populeux_Music
C12 London (via Perth) 23:20 Qantas 787-9
B21 Perth 4:20 Qantas 787-9 or A330 @Anthony_Morgan
B22 Brisbane 2:05 Qantas 737-8
B23 Canberra 1:05 QantasLink Q400
B24 Devonport 1:15 QantasLink Q400
B25 Launceston 1:05 QantasLink Q400
B26 Mildura 1:20 QantasLink Q400
B27 King island 0:45 QantasLink Q400 @Jacklcsm
B28 your choice Qantas
B29 your choice Qantas
B30 your choice Qantas

Times may not be Exact

Terminal 2 (international) 12 left
Gate Destination Time Airline Aircraft Pilot
D2 Auckland 3:50 Qantas A330
D3 Wellington 4:05 Qantas 737-8
D4 Bangkok 9:30 Jetstar 787-8
D5 Denpasar 5:45 Jetstar 787-8
D6 Guangzhou 9:25 China Southern A330
D7 Ho Chi Minh City 8:10 Vietnam A350 @VH-VCQ
D8 Dubai 14:15 Emirates A380
D9 Hong Kong 8:50 Qantas 787-9 @Alan_Thomson
D10 Los Angeles 14:10 Qantas A380 @KQA03
D11 Qatar 14:25 Qatar A380
D12 Kuala Lumpur 8:05 Malaysia A330
D13 Singapore 7:40 Singapore A350
D14 Singapore 7:40 Qantas A380 @airplane2
D15 Tokyo (Narita) 10:20 Qantas A330 @Josh_Leszczynski
D16 Santiago 16:00 LATAM 787-9
D17 Honolulu 10:30 JetStar 787-8
D18 Nadi 4:40 Fiji Airways 737-7 @KTJ_Mitchell
D19 Los Angeles 14:10 Virgin Australia 777-3ER
D20 Abu Dhabi 14:10 Etihad 787-X @FlyCymru101

Times may not be exact

Terminal 3 (Virgin Australia) 10 left
Gate Destination Time Airline Aircraft Pilot
E1 Sydney 1:20 Virgin Australia 737-8
E2 Perth 4:10 Virgin Australia A330
E3 Newcastle 1:15 Virgin Australia 737-8
E4 Brisbane 2:05 Virgin Australia 737-8
E5 Gold Coast 2:05 Virgin Australia 737-8
E6 Broome 4:45 Virgin Australia 737-8
E7 Hamilton Island 2:55 Virgin Australia 737-8
E8 Cairns 3:20 Virgin Australia 737-8
E9 Hobart 1:15 Virgin Australia 737-8
E10 Canberra 0:55 Virgin Australia 737-8

Times may not be exact

Terminal 4 (JetStar and Tigerair) 22 left
Gate Destination Time Airline Aircraft Pilot
F11 Adelaide 1:20 Tiger air A319
F12 Brisbane 2:05 Tiger air A319
F13 Cairns 3:20 Tiger air A319
F14 Canberra 0:55 Tiger air A319
F15 Gold Coast 2:05 Tiger air A319
F16 Sydney 1:20 Tiger air A319
F17 Adelaide 1:20 JetStar A320
F18 Ayers Rock 3:20 JetStar A320
F19 Brisbane 2:05 JetStar A320
F20 Broome 4:45 JetStar A320
G41 Cairns 3:20 JetStar A320
G42 Canberra 0:55 JetStar A320
G43 Darwin 4:20 JetStar A320
G44 Newcastle 1:15 JetStar A320
G45 Gold Coast 2:05 JetStar A320
G46 Hamilton Island 2:55 JetStar A320
G47 Hobart 1:15 JetStar A320
G48 Launceston 1:05 JetStar A320
G49 Perth 4:10 JetStar A320 @Brody_Swiatek
G50 Sunshine Coast 2:20 JetStar A320
G51 Sydney 1:20 JetStar A320
G52 Townsville 3:10 JetStar A320

times may not be exact

Cargo 3 left
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Other 6 left
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft
Qantas Maint Hangar 1
Qantas Maint Hangar 2
Qantas Maint Hangar 3
JetStar Maint Hangar 4
JetStar Maint Hanger 5
JetStar Maint Hanger 6



10-15 minutes before 2200 Zulu

Ghosts and Reports

I will not be responsible for Ghosts and Reports


Please follow IFACT instructions at all times or use Unicom properly


If possible if you are in a 737 or A320 or Q400 please takeoff on runway 9/27, if you are bigger than a 737 or A320 please takeoff on runway 34/16

Shoutout to @Brody_Swiatek and @TimShan05 for helping me with some things, go check out their events and shoutout to @cptlogue I looked at his events for some help with the layout and go check out his events as well

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Look forward to seeing everyone and have a good flight


Great thread, is it possible to be put on standby for this flight?

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You have be put on standby @anon77793723 thanks for signing up

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I’ll take this one please,
2 things, you should put an estimated time for each flight and the other thing is you should put links for the other Fly outs mentioned :)

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You have been signed up @Brody_Swiatek and thanks for the feedback

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Lock me in for D10 A380 to KLAX. Thanks

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Thanks I appreciate. See you there

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Try me on this one please

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Hi could I have
D9 Hong Kong Qantas 787-9
Thanks !

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Can I have D18 to Nadi please?

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I’ll take this one

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Can I take a QantasLink Q400 to King Island (YKII)?

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