19JUL20 / 2100Z - Checkerboard Landing Fun! @ KLAX-VHHX

  • Delta B744

  • United B744

  • Cathay Pacific B744

  • United Old B772

  • American 1968 B77

  • Continental Dc10

  • Delta Md11

  • American Md11

Server: Expert

Time of Departure: 2020-07-19T21:00:00Z


Some More Information for You: Because IFATC is at their home airports, there is a chance that KLAX will have ATC, if it does. Make sure you follow instructions because I am not responsible for any violations or ghosting that you may receive for not following instructions.

Please state your interest below by stating your aircraft of choice

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You might want to change the date, it seems you put the 10th instead of today, which is the 19th.
Also feel free to check the format for #live:groupflights
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