19JUL20 / 2000Z Silicon Valley to Orange County @KSJC

  • Aircraft and Livery: C750, TBM9 any

  • Route: KSJC-KSNA

  • Time of Departure: 2020-07-19T20:00:00Z expect 1:20 min flight time

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Cruising FL270 formation flying expected. Copy rout from me. Departing from signature and Silcon Valley Jet Center and Atlantic aviation. Arriving FBO follow me.


Are you coming? @OrcaKid

You needed to say you were coming so I could add you but I’m coming now ok

Yeah sorry…it was kind of a last minute decison

My internet is having issues let me try though

Take your time…i’m waiting

Yeah it’s not working now. Sorry pm me and we can reschedule

Ok, sure…next time

Actually hold on let me try again…

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I think I got it

Yes I did. Horay

Are you in?

Spawn over here

Yes, im in…but i dont see u

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Ok, i see u now

On the other side in the fbo

Let me respawn

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Lucky you guys, you’ll have ATC coverage all the way to KSNA!


Come we are flight of 2

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@yoshi_flyer we are flight of 2 we will depart together okay?

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