19JUL20 / 1700Z - Flyout From The Other Paris Airport - @LFOB

I will take this one mate, callsign will be FRVA005, cheers thank you!

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It’s yours, see you there!

I’ve decided to leave because of family issues

Removed you, hope to see you in another event!

Can I take this please.


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Yep, see you there!

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Hey! Can I change my gate to a Ryanair 737 down to Thessaloniki if possible? Thanks!

Requests met.

Only a few days until the event. Let’s see if we can get some more attendants!

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We are now sponsored by Ryanair Virtual!


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Any chance I could have this mate?

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Absolutely, it’s yours!

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Cheers mate! See you there :)

Hi is there any chance that you could switch one of the Ryanair gates to Dublin please in wave 2? If so I’ll take that one! ✈

Edit: unfortunately i won’t be able to come :/

Pls book this in for me, thank you

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You got it, see you there!

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Hi, @Tsumia. I am not able to come unfortunatly as I will be gone during the event times. Can you please remove me from the event list? I had the GA flight to Geneva in wave 2.

Requests met. I completely forgot to make a PM yesterday. So I’ll make one 50 minutes beforehand lmao

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