19JUL20 / 1400Z - Porter Xplorer (part 1): St. John’s! @ CYHZ - CYYT (FINISHED)

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🇨🇦 Soaring the Canadian skies since 2017.

Welcome to our brand new event thread. We’ve taken some time to improve what we post on the Infinite Flight Community, to make sure that all our threads and posts remain visually aesthetic and convey information clearly. So, who are we? Founded all the way back in November of 2017, VirtualPorter is an Infinite Flight virtual airline based around Porter Airlines, a small Canadian regional carrier operating within Eastern Canada and parts of the Eastern U.S. Our operations within the VA is from the view of a pilot, not the passenger. With this in mind, we want to offer our pilots the best resources for flight available in a VA. Our vision is simple: to be a laid back virtual organisation with a vibrant community centred around our real life counterpart. We are an IFVARB certified VA.

🗺 Welcome to Porter Xplorer!

Each instalment in this brand new series takes our Q400 to a never-seen before destination! The aim of this event is to make a successful round trip across the world. Join us as we explore what planet Earth has to offer! VirtualPorter members will receive 1 PDgold point as a reward for participating. All members on the IFC are also welcome.

🔍 Event details:

Why are we hosting this event, you may ask? Well, it marks the launch of our newly introduced Porter Xplorer event series, where we will aim to make a successful round trip across the world, pushing our trusty Q400 to its limits. Visit never before seen destinations that will stun you! In part 1 of this series, we’ll be departing from Halifax, heading in a eastern direction until we reach the wonderful settlement of St. John’s. There may be high wind speeds and turbulence along the way, which makes for a bumpy ride! Take a look below at the important details we’ll need on the trip.

Date and time: July 19, 2020 2:00 PM

Server: Expert

Region: Nova Scotia (Canada), Newfoundland (Canada)

Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400 (Porter livery)

Airports: CYHZ and CYYT

Estimated flight time: 01:18 (HH:MM)

The date and time shown should be displayed in the timezone of the viewer. If not, please let us know. All participants will be added to a IFC group message shortly before departure for more detailed flight briefings and communications.

👩‍✈️ Looks good? Sign up!

As there are only 8 gates available in total at our destination airfield (CYYT), we are only able to take a maximum number of 8 pilots with us. That means gate spaces (if event is popular) will run out very quickly, so sign up fast before they’re taken! If you choose to have your name underneath, please ensure that you do attend the event (and if that’s not possible, PLEASE notify us, latest by 8 hours in advance). We’re excited, and hope to see you there!

Gates (CYHZ) Pilot
Gate 36 @Ryan2
Gate 38 @Ibrahim_Asif
Gate 42 @Captain-787
Gate 44 @MisterButler
Gate 46
Gate 28 @Colelee083
Gate 27 @Cptphil
Gate 26

We are VirtualPorter. That means we are unaffiliated with the real world organisation. Visit flyporter.com for the real world airline.


Can I have a gate

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Y’all know me! 🤩

I’ll call a gate ✌

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Hi! How long is the flight may I ask?

Should be about an hour and 30 minutes at the most! Just edited the thread to mention that

I will take a gate please

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Gimme a gate then!

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Please put me in Gate 46

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I’ll take gate 38!

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I’ll take a gate, at least try

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Awesome guys, event is full now! If anybody can’t make it, please let me know so no space is wasted.

Some spaces just freed up! Departure will be in about an hour and a half from now, and all participants will have been added to a group message on the IFC.

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