19JAN22 / 1200Z - Dangerous Approach @ MTHG

Welcome to the event

Welcome to Toncontin! One of the most dangerous airports on the planet, known for its very challenging RNAV approach for RW02, it is a rewarding experience to land there! As the capital of Honduras, it gets daily traffic (not as much anymore due to covid) if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 14 years, you might’ve seen the video on YouTube, of an American 757 landing there, so I have decided to include the old American 757 In the event draw. This will be a spotting video that will be uploaded to my YouTube channel and the IFC. Come along and enjoy!


Airport:Toncontin INTL (MHTG)

Time:1200Z 2022-01-19T12:00:00Z

Gate01:(FLY IN) American/757-200/(old livery)/origin:KDFW (@CMR)
Gate02:(FLY IN) American/A320/origin:KMIA (@Fourthnebula919)
Remote Stand04:(FLY OUT)/American A320/destination:KDFW (@Nayan.Kaushik)
Remote Stand06:(FLY IN)/United B737-900/origin:KIAH (@canton)
Remote Stand08:(FLY OUT)/American A320/destination:KMIA (@HUMVEE)
GA01:(FLY IN)/Swift Air B737-700 (generic or BBJ livery)/origin:KSAT (@Captian_Bryon)
GA04:(FLY OUT)/Cessna Citation X/Destination:MUHA (@Noobygamer2718)

Ground: @Usalypd
Tower: @Usalypd

You must fly the RNAVrw02 approach if you are on a fly in flight, for fly outs you must takeoff on RW02
I am not responsible for any violations or accidents.

I hope all of you can join! To join, tell me what flight you want below! Remember to do good landings for the camera!

Thank you!


I would like to have this gate please

Gate01:(FLY IN) American/757-200/(old livery)/origin:KDFW

I have booked it for you, same for me, I decided to book it also this should be fun!

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@Usalypd @Fourthnebula919 btw can I fly in a bit earlier smth like 1000Z? @CMR

Ummm, 11:30Z ok?

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Alright fine, that is a little late

Imma practice landing at Toncontin

add me to the 757 too

Unfourtanetly it’s 2 per flight, what other one would you like?

do you have a another aircraft from KDFW

Created the calendar just now and @Fourthnebula919 no I don’t, please pick another one from the schedule above

AM i allowed to take the citation from KDFW

All Dallas flights are closed

oh ok then il have this Gate02:(FLY IN) American/A320/origin:KMIA

@Fourthnebula919 marked you down, thx for joining

May I have the Fly Out to Dallas with the AA A320 please

Actually, Can I have the United 737 from IAH but on -800? Or -900

@Nayan.Kaushik your flight has been booked, thanks for coming!
@canton your flight has been changed to the flight from houston in a UA 739

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Ok thank you so muchh

I will be glad to help you guys out :)