19FEB23 | 1800Z | Long Island Flyout @KISP

in school so sorry for quality

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Thanks man!

no problem!

Would you like to fly?

yea! Is it possible for me to fly an F-18E to escort people
also if i can then imma do my famous 1FT above the runway trick

Yeah that’s fine. Just spawn at one of the remote gates

alr bet, i got it

I will take this one

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Alright! Thanks for joining!

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[quote=“Chaseelliottfan9WG, post:1, topic:756674”]
|A04|Frontier|Fort Lauderdale|A321
[/quote]. Can I take this please?


Can I have this but to Baltimore?

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One spot left! Who would like to fly down to the music city!

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I’ll take the Nashville, please!

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Good to see event is going well!

Another slot has opened up if anyone would like to take it!

Please please please!

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Making sure this doesn’t close. Can everyone just confirm that they can still make it?