19FEB23 | 1800Z | Long Island Flyout @KISP

Making sure the topic doesn’t close!

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@Chaseelliottfan9WG can I Sponsor this with my event?
I’d love to get you more participant’s

Yes! I’d be happy to!

Okay! I’ll link my event here

Can you also link this event in yours?

Can I take this?

This but to Raleigh-Durham

Can I please take the Hugh the Manatee a320 down to MCO?

Sorry, Islip doesn’t do flights to Raleigh

Someone already asked for that. I’m sorry, but there’s many more frontier flights to chose from!

Yes! Thank you for signing up!

you forgot to make it an event, it allows people to see how long till its time, and it also allows you to do a head count and see how many people are coming and who is interested

They do on Frontier, it’s a seasonal flight

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Ah okay, I’ll edit it then. Sorry!

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No problem. Thank you

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This is my first event, so how exactly do I do that?

ohhhh ok, lemme make a tutorial for you rq

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Go to edit it

Settings icon → “Create Event” → Fill out everything needed → add it in

Screencastify alr here

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