19FEB22/ 1900z / Airforce One Escorts / EGAA - KIAD / Training Server

I will require a number of Military Escorts, at 1900z 19 Feb from EGAA to Washington Dulles KIAD

I will be onboard Airforce One, as will the US President hence the escorts.

You can copy Airforce One Flight plan, once you are on stand at EGAA.

To escort the entire route:
DC10F (USAF Livery and USAF Callsign)
C-17 Globemaster III (USAF Livery and Callsign)

OR any Civilian A/C with plain livery (white) and USAF Callsign.

To escort across UK Airspace: .
F-16C, F-14, F-22 in USAF Livery and Callsigns.

Once airborne, AF1 will follow LNAV flight plan at an altitude of 34000, and a speed of. 0.88 Mach. (Check my FP once on stand)

As an escort you must remain +1000 or -1000 of Airforce One, and no more than 2Miles in any direction.

Departure will be at 1900z (with a 30 minute booked delay departure)

Hope to see you soon!! ;D

The US President thanks you!


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I will try to escort a while…expect a C-17. Should be USAF001 or something.

Ping me when you are on the ground.

Perfect, see you then. I will let you know what Stand I am at etc :)

Thank you for the group flight! (partial escort from EGLL to EGAA)

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AF1 and it’s escorts…

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Thanks for being an excellent escort @J-F_V - Maybe need you again sometime tomorrow, let me know when you are free!

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Was a pleasure to secure your route!

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