19FEB22 / 1100Z - The Heart of Africa Fly-out @FAOR

The Heart of Africa Fly-out! 🇿🇦

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Flughafen O. R. Tambo – Wikipedia

About the Airport

Event Details

Sever - Expert
Time - 11:00/Z
Airport - OR Tambo International Airport
Event Time - Saturday, February 19, 2022 11:00 AM

Domestic Flights

Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
C1 Durban Kulula Boeing 737-800
C2 Cape Town 3D Comair Boeing 737-800 @Abhijit_Sharma
C3 Port Elizabeth Comair Boeing 737-800 @Henrik003
C4 Bloemfontein South African Airlines CRJ-700
C5 Polokwane South African Airlines CRJ-700

International Routes

Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
A1R Saint Denis 3D Air Austral A220-300 @AviatorEgcc
A1 Lagos South African Airlines A330-300
A2 Addis Ababa 3D Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8
A3 Harare Air Zimbabwe Airbus A320
A4 Nairobi Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800
A5 Accra 3D South African Airlines A330-300 @Patrick_Sterling_Jr
A6 Cairo Egypt Air A330-300
A7 Dubai 3D Emirates B777-300 @canton
A8 Doha 3D Qatar Airways B777-300 @Capmcneil & @Droki
A9 Luanda 3D TAAG Angola B737-700 @BlurryHarmony
A10 Mauritius Air Mauritius A330-300 @Jumbo-Jan
A11 Sydney 3D Qantas B787-900 @SeanAviation
A12 Newark Liberty United B787-900
A13 Atlanta Delta Airlines A350-900 @CaptainE
E1 Lagos South African Airways A330-300
E3 Singapore 3D Singapore Airlines A350-900
E6 Amsterdam 3D KLM B777-200
E9 Paris (CDG) 3D Air France B777-300
E12 Frankfurt 3D Lufthansa B747-800
Remote F1 London (LHR) 3D Virgin Atlantic B787-900 @KSM_King_Storm
Remote F3 Zurich 3D Swiss Boeing 777-300 @Captain_Nicolas
Remote F6 Istanbul 3D Turkish Airlines A330-300 @askrdl


@Rohann @Rohann @Rohann
FAOR Depature FAOR Approach Center
Vacant Vacant Vacant


- Please Spawn 15 Minutes before the Event start to do your Briefing.

-IF no ATC is present, please use Unicom correctly.

- I am not responsible for any Violation you are receive during the Event.

- Please only sign up for the Event if you are sure that you can make it.


I can maybe take GTS. As it’s in FEB I can give you further information in a while.

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[quote=“Henrik003, post:1, topic:649059”]
|A11|Sydney 3D|Qantas|B787-900|
Can I pick this route

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You definitely can!

the flight to Sydney is yours!

Saint Denis 3D Air Austral A220-300

I’ll take this one.

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You’ve been added!

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This event is at great timing for me :) Although I want to take a different route which is Cathay A350 to HKG you can pick a gate for me

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Will take this

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Hi @Henrik003 !
I would like to fly to Zurich with the Swiss’ B77W, Gate F3. Thanks in advance !

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I’ll take this one :)

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Sign me up

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I’ll take this route. Thanks

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Can I have the A330-300 to Cairo?

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@Rohann, @Captain_Nicolas , @Jumbo-Jan , @CaptainE , @Patrick_Sterling_Jr , you’ve all been added!


I’ll fly to Istanbul please

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Thanks a lot ! See you there ! ;)

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In light of the 22.1 update being pushed back, I’m going to cancel because I’ve already planned to fly with some friends the first saturday after 22.1 releases, which I’m assuming will be February 14th given the atc schedule. You can take me off the list. Thank you

@Henrik003 if there are any spare gates left that suit the 777, you pick a gate for me

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There are some gates available with the 777 above.

I will say Gate A7

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