19DEC21 / 1900Z - Southwest Virtual Presents: New Nonstop Route Holiday Celebration! @ KSMF-PHKO

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To celebrate Southwest Airlines’ new nonstop service between Sacramento, California and Kona, Hawaii, we are inviting you to join Southwest Virtual in flying WN2384, the only nonstop passenger flight from KSMF to PHKO. While WN2384 is set to fly the 737 MAX 8, we will be making the ~5h20m journey across the Pacific in the SWA Boeing 737-800!

Nonstop Holiday Celebration for New Southwest Route!

Time: 2021-12-19T20:00:00Z (2000Z)
Server: Expert
Est. Flight Time: Approximately 5h20m

About Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport is the main gateway to the California State Capitol. SMF is popular for both business and tourism, due to its proximity to attractions such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Old Sacramento State Historic Park, Wine Country, and more! The airport features two runways and two terminals. The opening of the east runway was celebrated by landing the legendary Concorde jet. Every year since 2016, Southwest Airlines has added new nonstop routes to their service from Sacramento, including several to Hawaii before this newest route!

About Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keāhole

Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keāhole serves the western islands of Hawaii, especially the town of Kailua-Kona. The airport boasts an 11,000-foot runway, much of it built on a lava flow. Crews used over 3 million pounds of dynamite to flatten the lava tube for runway construction! It is also the only major airport in Hawaii with only one runway, although it is the second-longest runway in Hawaii.

Pilots may sign up by simply requesting a gate below. If you wish to attend with your VA, please ask your staff to contact EVP Daily Operations @VegasKing. Final gate assignments will be posted the day before the event.


Final Gate Assignments and flight details are posted below. Spawn 15 minutes prior to your planned departure time and expect some delays. If a reserved gate is in use when spawning, please choose the closest available gate. Retrieve the ATIS Information at both airports. You MUST check ATIS before pushback to determine whether ATC Gate Hold is in effect. Adhere to all ATC instructions, and please be patient and courteous toward ATC and other pilots.


IFATC are asked to contact EVP Daily Operations @VegasKing to schedule coverage.


Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate A1 American B738/Other
Gate A2 American B738/Other
Gate A3 American B738/Other
Gate A4 American B738/Other
Gate A5 Delta B738/Other
Gate A10 Delta B738/Other
Gate A11 Delta B738/Other
Gate A12 United B738/Other
Gate A14 United B738/Other
Gate A15 United B738/Other
Gate A16 Air Canada/Other B738/Other
Gate A17 Air Canada/Other B738/Other

Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate B4 Southwest/Other B738
Gate B5 Southwest/Other B738
Gate B5A Southwest/Other B738
Gate B5B Southwest/Other B738
Gate B6 Southwest B738 UPSVA Partner @Cagri
Gate B7 Southwest B738 UPSVA Partner @zand3r
Gate B8 Southwest B738 UPSVA Partner @Ouzy
Gate B8A Southwest B738 @GHAZB
Gate B9 Southwest B738 @SWA1997
Gate B10 Southwest B738 @FlyEurope
Gate B11 Alaska/Other B738/Other @_idk1
Gate B12 Alaska/Other B738/Other @if.noord
Gate B14 Alaska/Other B738/Other
Gate B15 Frontier/Other B738/Other
Gate B16 Frontier/Other B738/Other
Gate B17 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA
Gate B18 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA
Gate B19 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA
Gate B20 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA
Gate B21 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA LEAD
Gate B22 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA
Gate B23 Southwest B738 Reserved for SWVA

The calendar event below is merely for your convenience. You must request a gate in the comments to be registered.


wait if the route is KSMF-PHKO why is there Gate Assignments to Denver?

Oops, typo, stand by!


I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know! The calendar event is merely for your convenience. You must request a gate in the comments to be registered.

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ok i dont mean to be that guy but is the route to Kona or To Sacramento?
Also the timing doesnt really suit me that’s why i put down interested

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We hope you can make it! The route is KSMF to PHKO.

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Ah then The Gate Assignments have to be changed again lol it says the destination is KSMF

Ugh facepalm




Alright, fixed. Thanks so much for helping us catch those typos… They were left over from our last event. Haha

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Thats no problem i might join but i dont know if i can come

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I’ll take a SWVA gate please!


I would like this one pls can’t wait

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Your new codeshare partner from UPSV would like a gate for the event please.



Yes please


would like a gate as well, from UPSV!


The real-world launch flight was delayed one week, so we will be delaying as well. This event will take place on the 19th instead.

Hope to see everyone on the 19th!
@zand3r @FlyEurope @Ouzy @SWA1997 @ButterAllDay @SouthwestVirtual @SWA1997 @Ritesh321


I would like to have this gate.


Give me a gate pls (UPSV)


If you requested a gate, you should have been added to the original post gate list recently. Please comment below if you’d like to register for a gate, or DM me if your VA would like to reserve a block of gates. Thank you, and we’re looking forward to flying with all of you this Sunday!

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