19DEC20 / 1800Z Allegiant Virtual's First Event @ KSFB!

Welcome to Allegiant Virtual’s First Event @KSFB!

(Orlando Sentinel)

Allegiant Virtual was founded on August 23rd, 2020, after our CEO wanted to create another large airline within the United States which had a diverse enough route network with unique destinations. Ever since we got IFVARB approved on October 27th, 2020 our VA has grown tremendously. We are beyond excited to see what this VA will bring, and we can’t wait to get more pilots to experience our journey with us because this is just the beginning.

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Orlando Sanford International airport (ICAO code: KSFB) is one of Allegiant Airlines main hub. It is the busiest of all Allegiant hubs in terms of flights and passengers carried. It was built as Naval Air Station Sanford, a Master Jet Base for carrier-based attack and reconnaissance aircraft until 1969. Due to flight training, the airport is consistently in the top 30 busiest airports in the world in terms of total flight operations (takeoff and landings).

Event Information

Time and Date


Airport: KSFB


Airport Diagram of KSFB

Will there be IFATC coverage?

IFATC will be available during this event by one of the amazing IFATC controllers, @WesleyHenrich!

How many waves will there be?

There will be at least 3 waves. The first one will take place at 1800Z, second at 1830Z and the final wave at 1900Z.

Do I need to be in ALVA to participate?

No, you do not need to be a pilot with ALVA to join this event. This event is open to all members on the Infinite Flight Community!

All Allegiant Virtual Pilots who attend this event will receive a 2x Flight Multiplier!

Wave 1
1800 Zulu

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
12 Allegiant A320-200 Memphis (KMEM) @Kedz
11 Allegiant A320-200 Pittsburgh (KPIT) @Kyle7223
10 Allegiant A320-200 Nashville (KBNA) @saam
9 Allegiant A320-200 Austin (KAUS) @heavy929
8 Allegiant A320-200 Albany (KALB) @DeltaFox
7 Allegiant A320-200 Raleigh Durham (KRDU) @dereckyared14
6 Allegiant A320-200 Grand Rapids (KGRR) @Deltadev13
5 TUI 787-8 Manchester (EGCC) @Airliner
4 Allegiant A320-200 Richmond (KRIC) @WheelerAviation
3 Allegiant A320-200 Fort Wayne (KFWA) @Prerb
2 Allegiant A320-200 Norfolk (KORF) @KTJ_Mitchell
1 Allegiant A320-200 Tulsa (KTUL) @Aviation2929

Wave 2
1830 Zulu

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
12 Allegiant A320-200 Belleville (KBLV) @Smile760981
11 Allegiant A320-200 Syracuse (KSYR) @MJP_27
10 Allegiant A320-200 Peoria (KPIA)
9 Allegiant A320-200 Toledo (KTOL)
8 Allegiant A320-200 San Antonio (KSAT)
7 Allegiant A320-200 Louisville (KSDF) @CaptainZac
6 Allegiant A320-200 Kansas City (KMCI)
5 TUI 787-8 Birmingham (EGBB)
4 Allegiant A320-200 Lexington (KLEX) @anon74260613
3 Allegiant A320-200 South Bend (KSBN)
2 Allegiant A320-200 Springfield (KSGF) @nativetoalaska
1 Allegiant A320-200 Harrisburg (KMDT) @thenewpilot

Wave 3
1900 Zulu

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
12 Allegiant A320-200 Appleton (KATW)
11 Allegiant A320-200 Niagara Falls (KIAG) @Evan_Vlogs
10 Allegiant A320-200 Knoxville (KTYS) @Zach007
9 Allegiant A320-200 Fargo (KFAR)
8 Allegiant A320-200 Rockford (KRFD) @anon25781354
7 Allegiant A320-200 Indianapolis (KIND)
6 Allegiant A320-200 Cedar Rapids (KCID)
5 TUI 787-8 London (EGKK)
4 Allegiant A320-200 Grand Rapids (KGRR) @ORD777flyer
3 Allegiant A320-200 Columbus (KLCK)
2 Allegiant A320-200 Asheville (KAVL)
1 Allegiant A320-200 Omaha (KOMA)

More Waves May Be Added!

Allegiant Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Allegiant Airlines Ltd. This event thread was worked on and edited by: @dereckyared14, @KTJ_Mitchell,@Prerb, and @Cheryl_Tunt


Gate 3 to FWA first wave!

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There you go! Enjoy!

I’ll take wave 1 gate 9 to KAUS please. ALVA016

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There is your gate! Enjoy!

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Thanks! Glad to be an ALVA member

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Enjoy your 2x Multiplier ;)

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Yesss sir finally

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Would you like a gate?

This gate please! ALVA014!

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There you are! Enjoy!

I’ll take this one!

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There is the gate you want! Enjoy!


I’ll grab this one

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There you go! Enjoy!

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this gate please.

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@DeltaFox Your signed up, enjoy!



I’ll take it. Nothing like flying back to a home-ish airport.


I’ll fly SFB-GRR in wave 3

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Fixed! Also there is your gate, enjoy!

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