19DEC20 / 0530Z - Evening Shenanigans w/ Deerio pt. 4 @ RKPK

  • Aircraft and Livery: Lockheed Martin F22. Any weight, any altitude

  • Route: Direct flight plan to each airport. RKPK (532nm) RJTT (246nm) RJBD (332nm) RKPK

  • Time of Departure: 2020-12-19T05:00:00Z2020-12-19T06:00:00Z

  • Server: Casual so that no one gets any violations 😎

  • Additional Information: Hello fellow shenanigan pilots! Part 4 is here. We’re heading over and around Japan. Currently there are 200kt + winds in the region. Choose the right altitude and you may be a winner. For those who aren’t familiar with the set up I’ll list it below.
  • Full stop landing at each airport.
  • Exit the runway and holdshort. We will wait until all pilots in the group have landed.
  • Once all pilots in this group have landed, I will post a time here in the thread for our new departure time.
  • Once the clock strikes the specified time, light the after burners and race towards the next airport. First one there wins. Then repeat the above steps until we arrive at our starting point and complete our third leg.

First one to the finish line, wins!

Previous races:

(04AUG20 / 0430Z - Evening Shenanigans w/ Deerio @ KGYR)
(05AUG20 / 0300Z - Evening Shenanigans w/ Deerio pt. 2 @ LSZH)
(06AUG20 / 0300Z - Evening Shenanigans w/ Deerio pt. 3 @ YMIA)

Route of flight:


Ready teddy!

Ps, hope I don’t embarrass you again


I was just gonna go to bed and then you posted this. I guess sleep can wait lol

my overnight flight was fun while it lasted…

I’m in!

Its the weekend! Who needs sleep! Wahoo!

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I have flight training in the morning so me

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if anything, you’ll be on the runway cleaning up all of the grease my landings will be leaving behind when I win.


@Zachary_Naponic You’re not supposed to like that

hahah deer makin big claims 👀

I would be impressed if he lands well, last time I checked he thought the CRJ was supposed to touch down at -500FPM

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Now thats what I call a roast

Tell me when y’all reach the second airport

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Or when does it start?

In 13 minutes

Drummer can’t fly

The time says it started 17 minutes ago…

Winner gets a chance to enter in the save a deer sweepstakes. Don’t miss out on a one of a time opportunity


umm, not what I see

I forget, can you refuel in the menu on casual?

For me it says 10 to 11 pm

10pm was 19 minutes ago