19AUG22 Tucson International Flyout!

Yes we will sorry you can’t make it

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Let’s get some more signups!

More gates available for this amazing flyout!

Can I get Gate: B06/Alaska B738/to Portland plz?? Thx!!!😁

Yes, you are signed up!

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Tucson is probably my favorite airport to go to IRL. Sign me up! Not sure if I can attend, but I probably can. If not, I’ll un-reserve my gate.

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You are signed up!

Yeah me too, I go there a lot to watch thunderstorms

Yeah same here Tucson is my second home

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Event update:
The event date has now been switched to 19AUG22, if you are unable to make it then just DM me, we hope to get more signups

Let’s get a few more signups

I’ll do this please

You are signed up

Thanks @Butter575


Thanks for joining!

No problem

@Butter575 um I just wondered, unfortunately I have school so I won’t be able to attend the event. Really sorry man

Ok, no worries I understand! Hope to see you in a future event!

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For sure man!!!

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Can I get this one?

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