19AUG22 / 1800Z - Let’s Try This Again! FILL ‘ER UP @ PAMR


If y’all remember when I was Alaska096, I had an event at Merrill Field in Anchorage, Alaska where we literally just put as many people as we can fit into that airport.

A few things went wrong

First, for some reason that I forgot, I wasn’t able to attend. Second, I had to move it to training server to accommodate some people. Not this time

But we’re going to try it again!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls:

I present to you: the BIGGEST flyout IF has ever seen!!

This event is at Merrill Field (PAMR). Recently, this airport was given a total rework. In that process, we found out that this airport has the most spawn locations of ANY AIRPORT in Infinite Flight (1,072 to be exact!)

This event will be HUGE but we need your help!

Basic info

Server: Expert (no matter what this time)

Date and time: 2022-08-19T18:00:00Z

Basically, just show up and fly patterns, fly around Anchorage, etc. Just don’t fly over the nearby Air Force base (PAED) and don’t fly directly over PANC.


As far as spots go, I’m not making a table with 1,072 spots. Just sign up with a TBM, C172, XCub, SR22, or a C208. I’ll simply count a number of attendees until it reaches 1,072.

However, I will be reserving the Civil Air Patrol spots for CAP members only. You will need to prove your membership as a CAP member to reserve this spot. It can be as simple as sending me a pic of your uniform (name scribbled out if you’d like). There are five remaining spots for CAP flights.

Can’t wait to see y’all there!

2 Attendees

@SWAviator — CAP C172
@Oregon001 — TBM


this looks like a lot of fun, put me down for the TBM. im not 100% sure i can make it this far out but i’ll try

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@Oregon001 just to let you know, I had to change it to Friday, August 19th if that’s okay.

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idk this far out in assuming i can

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Let’s get 1,072 spots filled!

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