19AUG20 / 1300Z - Delta Air 777 @ KFLL

  • 777-200ER Delta Airlines : 777
  • Route : KFLL > LTBS
  • Time of Departure : 1300Z
  • Server : Casual

Join me flying from Fort Lauderdale > Split! The flight is around 9 hrs. We will depart from runway 10L, using the ZAPPA4 departure. From there we arrive in to Heathrow from the west for an ILS approach into runway 05 using the SAL1Z arrival.

I look forward to you all joining me!

Hi @Helicopterzzz , The guidelines for #live:groupflights state that you must post the thread 3 hours maximum to the event start :)

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I think he just got the date wrong. It’s currently the 19th of August in UTC time right now.

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The time he posted the topic was 2020-08-19T05:00:00Z

The set time of his Flight Start is 2020-08-19T13:00:00Z.

Wait… Am I confused?

Oh, right. I didn’t see that it has to be 3 hours maximum prior to the event. Sorry for that. I thought it was 3 hours minimum. 😂

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