[1986/2006] UFO Incident at O'Hare International Airport/UFO incident Japan Airlines 1628

I was going through YouTube videos when i saw this one video about the 2006 UFO Incident. I watched it and it was very interesting. I usually watch UFO videos because they are interesting, and because this was at O’hare Airport (KORD) I thought I’d share this to the community.

Found another video involving Japan Airlines 1628. Enjoy!

This video depicts the 2006 UFO incident at Chicago’s O’Hare Int’l Airport.

Please share on what you think about the video below!

1986 UFO Incident of JAL Flight 1628

This video depicts Japan Airlines Flight 1628 UFO Incident


Very interesting.

This is interesting…

Interestingly crazy!

@AR_AR what were you doing there?


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