1968 Chrome in and out of KORD

So I was really hoping the American Airlines Chrome/retro/1968 livery would come but i was pretty disappointed when it didn’t…but i was very happy to see it got added last minute so I took some screenshots of my landing and departure of Chicago Ohare in it

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Airport: Chicago Ohare (KORD)

Here we have a picture of me right before touchdown on runway 28C (This was one of my best landing in the new 757 yet)

And here we have my departure into the sunset off of runway 28R
This was a little bit short with it being only my takeoff and landing but I thought I would still share because of how much I miss this livery on this plane.

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed.


Good to see the chrome back in action!


Totally agree! I love this livery!

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