1900's Historical Aviation Pictures Thread

This thread is for community members to post Historical Aviation Pictures from the 1900’s.

Here are some that I found are Historic.

1970s photo of London Heathrow Airport with airlines including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, Pan Am Boeing 747, Japan Air Lines (JAL) Boeing 747 and British Airways (BA) Concorde and Boeing 707.

History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) employees celebrating the arrival of airline’s first Boeing 747-300 at Karachi Airport in April 1999.

History of PIA - Pakistan International Airlines

The first Boeing 747 is rolled out for public view on September 30th, 1968. Able to carry 490 passengers, Costed $20 million at the time was delivered to airlines from October 1969.

The History of the Boeing 747 in Photos | Time

On 25th October 1985, Emirates operated its flights from Dubai to Karachi and Mumbai, using a Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4 wet-leased from Pakistan International Airlines.

History Timeline | About us | Emirates United States


Love the photos, and great idea!

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something new yeah, Thanks!

Do share something u find is historic:)

History of the Concorde is simply amazing, an aircraft that can go from London to NYC in a 2 hours compared to like 7!


It really was a engineering marvel. Left behind a great history.

took by someone in my family in 1900s

@Zuhayr_Shahid I love this type of thread but sadly, I can no more take old pictures ( we are in 2023) so those ones will be last ones


These are just beautiful Mann!! u took these yourself?
And Thanks!

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Read the top and you have your answer 😂 I wasn’t born at this time

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ok wait sorry you are 15 lol. but nice pictures!


Here’s something from the 1900s:

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On July 27, 1972, the F-15 took its first flight. It’s amazing that it still is in operation to this day, and that this singular flight started it all.


How old is “Old”?

I have some photos of 2000s Eugene OR

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Air Canada 797, caught fire in the lavatory on a flight from DFW to Montreal’s Trudeau Airport. Made a successful landing at CVG followed by a semi-successful evacuation.

50% of passengers survived, 50% died.



One of the saddest images we have from the DC10 operational history.
American Airlines flight 191 that crashed right after take off at ORD, in 1979.


Anything from the 1900.

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Idk much about fighter jets but this indeed is historic. Thanks for sharing!

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This Indeed was devastating and tragic :(

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I never knew about this incident. Thanks for sharing.

I think we should keep in mind that the 1900s was THE century for aviation.

Let’s go through its history together….

1903, The Wright Flyer

1927, The Spirit of St. Louis

1930s, The DC-3

1944, The Messerschmitt Me-262,

1951, The Super Constellation


The first passenger jet aircraft,

1957, The Boeing 707

The most beautiful of all, our Queen

1969, The 747

1988, The Antonov An-225

It’s crazy to see what mankind has achieved in less than 100 years, from the 274 kg (604 lbs) to the 560.000 kg (1.230.000 lbs) of the A380, from carrying one person, to carrying 825, we’ve done big things.