19 JUN / 1800z The Mega Seattle Flyout! @KSEA

Welcome to this massive flyout event at the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle! In this event, there will be no gate assignments as I want all of you to have freedom at the airport. Plus there are plenty of parking spaces available at this airport and a variety of airlines to choose from. I’m looking forward to this event and I hope you all are too!

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Here are some pics


Contact me if u have any questions. Happy Flying 😁


Mannnn, any other day and I woulda joined!

Looks like fun and I hope to attend one in the future!

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Thx for the interest this is in a month though so plans may change who knows

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I feel like this died already lol 😂

Let’s get some more people

I will be there

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Roger that sounds good

No action in a few days

Let’s get some more people in this event!

Hey there @Southwest_2115! I would love to join this! I will probably do a american 737-800 flight to Dallas Ft. Worth :D!

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Ooo sounds good cya there

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Can i join? I’d like to do an Alaskan flight to Denver

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Of course you can u can fly any route u want :)

I wonder if I’ll be free on the 11th, not sure though. Definitely would like to attend while I try to recreate some of my recent commercial flights

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It’s all good if you cannot attend this event but if u can It’s appreciated

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We need more people!

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No activity in a bit

Nobody replied in a few days

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I am getting really excited for this!

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Same I wonder how many more people will join

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