[19 Attending] The Vienna International Flyout @ LOWW 111530ZJAN20


Hello everyone! I’ve been working on this hopefully insane Vienna Flyout for a couple of days please if you can sign up. This event has over 100 routes for you to choose from!

About Vienna

Vienna International Airport (VIE/LOWW) is a international airport of the capital city of Austria; Vienna. This airport has a wide variety of international, domestic, and even lots of cargo. With a lot of aircraft diversity this one is sure to be a fun huge Flyout!

Event Details And Notams

Time: 2020-01-11T15:30:00Z
Airport: Vienna International Airport (VIE/LOWW)
Server: Expert


  • Please be respectful of other aircraft
  • Follow all expert server procedure
  • Use unicom frequency to communicate aircraft movements
  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • If ATC is present respect them

Maps And Helpful Guides

Terminal Map


Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a9/Karte_Flughafen_Wien_DE.png/250px-Karte_Flughafen_Wien_DE.png

Taxiway Map

image Credit: https://wiki.vacc-austria.org/images/9/94/29only.jpg


Schengen Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B51 Air France A320 LFPG Paris @Johanes
B52 KLM 737-800 EHAM Amsterdam
B53 British Airways A320 EGLL London Heathrow @Bibaho
B54 British Airways A319 EGKK London Gatwick
B55 Finnair A321 EFHK Helsinki
B56 Iberia A321 LEMD Madrid
B71 EasyJet A320 EHAM Amsterdam
B72 EasyJet A320 EDDT Berlin Tegal @James_Digby
B73 EasyJet A320 EGGD Bristol
B74 EasyJet A320 LIRN Naples
Concourse B Non Schengen
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B75 Aeroflot A320 UUEE Moscow
B81 Saudia A320 OEJN Jeddah
B82 Saudia A320 OERK Riyadh
B83 Ukraine International E190 Generic UKBB Kiev
B84 Sun Express 737-800Generic LTAI Antalya
B85 Sun Express 737-800 Generic LTBJ Izmir
B91 Royal Jordanian A319 OJAI
B92 Royal Air Maroc E190 Generic GMMN
Concourse C Schengen
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C31 Brussels Airlines A319 EBBR Brussels @Captain_George_IF
C32 Croatia Airlines Q400 LDZA Zagreb
C33 EasyJet A320 LSFB Basel @Ecoops123
C34 EasyJet A320 LSGG Geneva @Philippe_Gilbert
C35 EasyJet A320 LSGG Geneva @Jakub_Astary
C36 Lufthansa A320 EDDF Frankfurt
C37 Lufthansa A320 EDDM Munich
C38 Wizz Air A321 LICC Catania Fontarossa
C39 Wizz Air A321 LIRF Rome
C40 Wizz Air A321 LPPT Lisbon
C41 Wizz Air A321 EPWA Warsaw
C42 Wizz Air A321 LEMG Malaga
Concourse D Non Schengen
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D21 Air Canada 787-9 CYYZ Toronto @Starz
D22 EVA 787-10 RCTP Taipei
D23 Ethiopian Airlines 787-9 Addis Ababa @Captain_JR
D24 Emirates 777-300ER Dubai OMDB @Captain_Tank
D25 Korean Airlines A330-300 RKSI Seoul
D26 Thai Airways 787-8 VTBS Bangkok–Suvarnabhumi
D27 Qatar Airlines A321 OTHH Hamad Int’l
D28 El Al 737-800 LLBG Ben Gurion Int’l
D29 China Airlines A330-300 ZBAA Beijing Capital Int’l
Concourse D Schengen (Austrian Airlines)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E41 Austrian Airlines Q400 EDDP Leipzig/Halle
E42 Austrian Airlines E190 LQSA Sarajevo @AmarKoric11
E43 LOT 737-800 EPWA Warsaw @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
E44 Austrian Airlines Q400 LKPR Prague
E45 Austrian Airlines Q400 LOWS Salzburg (W. A. Mozart) @infiniteflight_schoo
E46 Austrian Airlines Q400 LOWI Innsbruck @Sashaz55
E47 Austrian Airlines Q400 LFSB Basel-Mulhouse
Concourse F (Star Alliance)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F01 ANA All Nippon Airlines 787-9 RJTT Tokyo Int’l (Haneda)
F03 Air India 787-8 VIDP Indira Gandhi Int’l
F04 SWISS A321 LSZH Zurich Int’l
F05 Austrian Airlines 767-300 (Generic) ZSPD Shanghai Pudong Int’l
F07 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda
F08 EgyptAir 737-800 HECA Cairo Int’l
F11 Austrian Airlines A320 GMMX Menara Int’l
F12 Austrian Airlines A320 LIRN Naples Int’l
F13 Austrian Airlines A320 EKCH Copenhagen Int’l
F15 Austrian Airlines Q400 LYBE Belgrade
F16 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) LFMN Nice
F21 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) EDDS Stuttgart Echterdingen
F22 Austrian Airlines Q400 UKLL Lviv Int’l @Zak_Plant
F23 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) UKDD Dnipropetrovsk Int’l
F25 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) LBWN Varna Int’l
F26 Austrian Airlines A320 (Generic) GCLP Gran Canaria Int’l @TestFlight009
F31 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) ENGM Oslo Int’l
F32 Austrian Airlines Q400 EPKK Krakow Int’l
F33 Austrian Airlines A321 (Generic) LCLK Larnaca Int’l
F34 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) EGCC Manchester
F35 Austrian Airlines Q400 LUKK Chişinău Int’l @Alexian61
F36 Austrian Airlines E190 (Generic) UKOO Odesa Int’l
H Gates (Eurowings)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
H41 Eurowings A319 LEBL Barcelona Int’l
H42 Eurowings A319 EGBB Birmingham
H43 Eurowings A319 LIRF Rome
H44 Eurowings A319 EDDK Cologne Bonn
H45 Eurowings A319 LPFR Faro
H46 Eurowings A320 (Generic) EDDL Dusseldorf Int’l
H47 Eurowings A319 GCFV Matorral
H48 Eurowings A319 BKPR Pristina Int’l
H49 Eurowings A319 EDDV Hanover/Langenhagen Int’l
H50 Eurowings A319 GCTS Tenerife South (Reina Sofia)
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo A91
Cargo A92
Cargo A93
Cargo A94
Cargo A95
GA Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
West A60 Cessna Citation X LSZH Zurich @BadPlane
West A70 Cessna Citation X LIPB - Bolzano Dolomiti Airport @Rocco
West A81
West A82
West A83
West A84
West A85

Requesting Gates

When requesting a gate please tell me the concourse number and the number of the gate, this is so it is easier for me as it looks a lot different in the editer. When requesting a Cargo or GA gate please tell me the desired Gate, Aircraft, and Destination. Thanks for cooperating.

If you would like me to add or change anything please just ask and I will do my best to make that fit, if you see any issues with the event thread please PM me, thanks so much!

Image Credit

Image 1: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vienna_International_Airport_Logo.svg
Image 2: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/77/2011-06-14_10-23-56_Austria_Niederösterreich_Fischamend_Markt.jpg/2560px-2011-06-14_10-23-56_Austria_Niederösterreich_Fischamend_Markt.jpg

Thanks for making it this far! Here’s a virtual cookie 🍪!

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Wrapping up

Thanks so much for the inspiration from your event thread @Dylan_M and @Will_A. Also thanks so much to @infiniteflight_schoo for the suggestion and thanks to everyone for coming to all of my events, thanks everyone!

My Last Flyout:


This event is partnered with Austrian Virtual Pilots will receive 2X flight time at this event!


Is it December or January?

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It’s in December, thanks for pointing that out.

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Awesome event!

Can I have gate F12 to Naples?

Thanks so much :)

Hey! Great event!

Could I take B53 to Heathrow?

Thank you so much!

@Will_A and @ButterAllDay thanks for coming! See you there!

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Awesome, thanks! Just letting you know you gave me F11 to GMMX :)

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Pls could I have the 777-300/ER to Dubai (OMDB)

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Yes please

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I’ll take this gate to Basel, just thinking of Marc on this one. I may spawn late since the event starts at 3:30pm my time, school finishes at 3pm, and i get home about quarter-twenty past.

I think the time will reduce a lot of users in this flyout, since it would be early morning for them on a work/school day.

I love the amount of work you’re putting into these!

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@Will_A really about that I must have messed up.

@Starz thanks for coming!

@Captain_Tank Nice choice!

@Ecoops123 this event is on a Saturday so… but thanks for coming!


Hi I would like to come what gates do you have.

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Hey! There is a gate section on the first post of this thread, scroll all the way up and you should see it.

Sorry I didn’t see it

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Sorry @Ecoops123 I messed up, this is January 11th not Dec.

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I’ll take D22 to Taipei, please!

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Dang it I was just going to ask you if I could take that gate


Well first come first serve I guess

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Do you want it? I can always fly to Tokyo.

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It’s ok though you can fly that route I’ll find something else

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