19.4 on Huawei devices

Seen as though Huawei is going through an extensive period in trying to get the rights to Google play I’ve got to ask is anyone else experiencing issues in getting the update on Huawei or any Android device ? If not could you help me understand why I am ? I have the P20 lite. Thank you, sincerely Delta23zakk

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It’s currently rolling out to all phones

its has no effect because this device is still sported by google it depends on the area am still waiting too in an huawei device

Im still wating aswell. Be patient and it will be out soon :-)

It’s not out on play store yet.
Also I don’t believe there will be a problem actually installing yet. As long as you actually have olay store you are fine.

Huawei does not have problems. i own one and it is working perfectly fine and the update is all good for me…

@Scott.Cooper. Did your Huawei already got the update?

Yes it did

are you in the America’s?

no, im in Scotland

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oh. That sounds better. I am still waiting out of Holland

What Huawei do you have?

P Smart 2019

Okay. Ive got the P20lite

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I have p20 lite and in having the same problem

Regardless of Huawei or not, just give it time to make its way around the servers. Giving your device a reboot can be helpful too.

im do it now lets see

Huawei P8 Lite, android 7.0, EMUI 5.0.1.

Update showed up in Google Play.
Location: UK (Southampton)

I think this is down to Google and the way they roll out the update in stages! If this device managed to get it, I’m pretty sure you’ll get it as well!

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I also have a P20 Lite and have to wait again I think