19.4 not showing up

So it has been what, 8 hours since the launch of 19.4? It still has not come to my device. Any suggestions?

What device do you have?

I am running IF on my iPhone 7.

Uninstalling the app then reinstalling worked fine for me

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I really hate doing that. That can be my last resort. :)


I believe you have to have the lastest software that was the case for me at least.

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Updating now…

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It can take some time – whatever device you have, most app stores roll out app updates periodically, depending on location or other factors.

I’d say have patience, be thankful that it’s here, and I’m sure it’ll wing its way to you very soon. (Pardon the pun).

Ensure you have the latest operating system running on your device and that it’s compatible with the simulator and store itself you’re downloading it from – otherwise updates may not run automatically or at all.

Enjoy the new toys when you can get ahold of them, hopefully it won’t be too long for you.


Enjoy 😉