19.4 iPad 6th

When the problem is solved for the crash of flight in iPad 6th ?

The exact date & time isn’t known for when the issue will be solved at this current time due to complexity of the issue & difficulty in reproducing.
Though, the Infinite Flight team is working on it as hard as they can and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there is a strong range of information/tips currently available that can help reduce the amount of crashes taking place:

General iOS tips:

  • One great thing to do before launching Infinite Flight, is to perform a soft restart of the device. This is a quick and reliable way of making sure your device is operating at peak efficiency. This is done by holding down the power/lock button until you see “Slide to power off”. Then hold down the home button until you’re returned to the home screen. For iOS devices without a Home button, a restart is recommended as the soft restart feature does not exist on those.
  • Make sure you don’t have “Low power mode” on your iPhone. If you have, the battery icon in the top right corner is yellow. This can be deactivated from Settings -> Battery, or from “Control Center” depending on how you have it set up. Having “Low power mode” enabled while using Infinite Flight could result in a performance degradation.
    Note : This is not the same as “Low power mode” in Infinite Flight. This is a device function.

More information & tips regarding the issue can be found in the Support FAQ


thank you for the answer but the problem appeared in December its begins to be long now.

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Unfortunately, this is due to significant difficulty in regards to reproducing the exact issue.

@schyllberg the head of support @ Infinite Flight, explains in depth here on why the issue is taking some time to work out & ultimately fix:

The team is working around the clock to find a solution for the issue & really appreciates the patience and understanding from everyone.

Time & patience is ultimately the key in this issue.


This problem has emerged after the release of the highly anticipated 19.4. The devs are working on a solution currently. I agree that is has been quite a long time, however all we can do for now is just be patient for the next hot fix/update.

thank you very much but I have one last question esc what when you want to make flights go back without restarting a new flight the app crash it?

Unfortunately that is not possible. Once the app has crashed the flight can’t be recovered.

thank you but that’s not my question my question is esc what when we make a 2h round trip flight without having to leave and start a flight again does the app crash?

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