19.4 IF Flight and Spawn Map Not Loading

I made a video to hopefully show and best explain the bug that I am having. That way if I am making a mistake it will be visible or if something else is wrong. If any questions please let me know. In case you miss the embedded link:

Delete and reinstall this app to fix this 🙂

Like I said in the video, I have already tried this 3-4 four times. It has not resolved the issue. I even reinstalled again and tried different airplanes to be sure.

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I’ve personally had this map issue as well. However, it would automatically fix itself after a while.

It is usually because the map has not loaded yet. Are you on a stable internet connection? When you enter the game, are you able to see the map normally or is it just in the menu? Are you able to even enter a flight? Seeing your video you can’t, so try again if you can.

I have been on a loading screen for almost 30 minutes. My internet connection has never been an issue for IF before. Map didn’t load prior to me attempting to start this session. I am not able to see anything on the map even after reinstall.

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I thank you for your help though.

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@schyllberg can you assist with this please?

Have you tried clearing the data and cache of the app from the settings?

Hey man, I just want to start off by saying you’ve narrated this support ticket video superbly!

Now onto your issue, long time user here on both cellular and WiFi. It seems that your loading times are a bit delayed when compared to my experiences with this app. Does this happen in both cellular and WiFi? Also, could you run a speed and latency test for us and post the results?

Sure, I can run one. Do you have a recommended app, website, etc.?

I ran these off on my computer. If you need them done via phone I’ll shoot those over too.

I also tried the second part of your suggestion and trying the app over cellular and IF kicked off as normal. Map is visible, flight loaded, and everything worked. I tried it with both the 172 and A350. I then switched back to wifi to similar great results with both planes! Note: I have tried this solution prior to making this report to no avail. I also have had IF load properly once before, as mentioned in the video, so I will need to do some testing to make sure that it is back to 100%

I use this one: Speedtest. Should be in the Play Store but I’m not certain since I only have Apple devices. Oh and it’s best to run the test on the device that you use for IF.

The first test is from cellular, second is from wifi.

Hmmm, those should be adequate for Infinite Flight but for some reason it still appears like loading times are really slow to me. @Chris_S any suggestions on background app usage, I see a lot of icons in the top bar of the screenshots.

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