19.4 Hud Font Size

Getting used to the new 19.4 hud and layout - different but I understand in the long term why it works and overall is great.

The only thing I don’t like is the new size of font used to display the airspeed and altitude numbers in the hud, its huge and a bit over the top especially when flying vfr.

For Ipads and tablets there is more screen real estate but for phones, it would be nice to have a small,medium and large size setting so you can make the numbers smaller…

I would also ask that with the new progressive braking, that the button for change camera view be moved so that you dont drag down on to it.



That definitely is the case when flying on my phone…


I can definitely agree with the Airspeed and Altitude font size… it’s definitely way to big for a phone screen. I think a setting to change the font size would be a good option like you mentioned.

I agree with this, it gets in the way for me. If you put this in the features section it may be updated

Yeah put it in features. I’d vote for it. it does kind of fill the screen of my S9+

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I dont think I have the right level on the this forum to make a new feature request - can someone do it for me please?

So option to set in settings, the airspeed and altitude hud numbers font size as “small” “medium” “large” etc.

Thank you

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I think a regular can move it?

The OP is TL1 (Basic), which means they cannot make a feature request until they reach TL2 (Member).

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Could you post a screenshot of how it looks like on your phone?

This is what it looks like from my device:

It’s probably just me, but I feel that there should be some more transparency in the Airspeed and Altitude, to match the rest of the HUD.

Here’s my S9+

@Cameron it looks similar to @JerseyAnt.

Its not a bug, it just for me, the numbers are over sized for the size of the screen especially when all the other number/text font sizes are smaller.

Thanks for the screenshots and feedback!

This is the first iteration of this HUD, and we will make changes to further improve it at some point in the future.


thank you. Also can we add back the “momentum indicator” below and above airspeed and altitude that was in magenta useful to gauge vs changes and airspeed changes.

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