19.4 How to Manually land on GPS?

First of all, I really like the new update and in this newest release the landing instrument also getting reproduce like in the real life.

Related to the title, i want to ask , 'How to land on GPS approach manually without APPR mode?. and also the picture below I want to ask that originally there were dots and dashes that help us to centerline now, how do you apply it in the current version? Also how about the (I forget the name) points and measuring lines that help adjust the altitude when landing so that it is right on the runway neither too far nor too close to the threshold?


GPS approaches cannot be flown like the ILS. There isn’t a way for those arrows to line up. You have to fly visually and without the ILS.


Earlier I tried to land at an airport where the GPS approach had a square circle in line with the ground (in the bottom left hand corner) and I pressed it for NAV 1 maybe it was to be able to centerline? Is that VOR?

If you have a VOR set as Nav 1 and that VOR directly lines you with the runway then well , there ya go you can line your self up but for normal GPS approach’s try to make your flight plan have waypoints in the direct line from the end of the ILS or GPS cone. GPS approach’s are basically Visual approach’s now. Hope this helped.

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Ok understood, my next question is, Is the object below no longer on the GPS? or if there is how to activate it?

If so, Low vis Approach with GPS would difficult now, but i haven’t tried it.

If ypu have a VOR on runway or in line with it. Set it o either nav1 or nav2. Set your course to vor the same as runway heading (actual heading not runway no.) Tune it in. You’ll have lateral guidance on to the runway. You still have to descend manually. (Papi lights are of good help here)

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yea i have tried with it, using VOR in straight line on GPS and set to NAV 1 or 2. PAPI lights seen well on good visibilty… i just dont know how when low visibility
But excuse me, Where is the lateral navigation?

IRL you can’t use GPS approaches for low visibility operations either, as it doesn’t offer a really exact guidance.

Using VORs (if available) can help with the line-up though (and on the corresponding charts you will see the altitudes which you should be at at a certain distance from the VOR (as far as I am aware)).


this is important position VOR is in the middle of the GPS line that triangles is not it?.

for this what do I do if this has already happened?

When the weather is too poor you would have to divert.

Well, that triangles are made by IF and not IRL guidances. If you want to line up using a VOR it would have to be in the middle of the approach path (triangle) (or on the same line behind the runway) as you want to follow its inbound/outbound course towards the runway.

As this isn’t too exact you have to be visual at some (not that late) point nonetheless.

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I edited that the VOR might also be behind the runway as long as it’s in the same direction as the runways direction (so basically on the approach path to the opposite runway end).

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Yea i know for this, also how for those positioned next to the runway … it seems we have to argue a little bit by staying straight into the runway centerline huh

Has anyone yet been able to do a complete instrument flight from any Point A to Point B aerodromes in either the C-172, TBM, A10, A3X series or the new A350 with absolutely no visual references using only the data from the new live cockpit instruments until they finally switch to manual over the runway and land safely !

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No one had really addressed the question. You can use any NAVAID (VOR, NDB, Fix, etc.) for a GPS approach. You’ll need to set a flight plan with the fixes following a path to the runway. You’ll then need to set the navigation source to GPS. A GPS approach will offer no lateral guidance but because of your GPS navigation source you will have horizontal guidance.


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