19.4 Audio Bug

Hey everyone! I was playing around with IFs amazing new 19.4 update with the A350-900 carbon livery (great plane) and I discovered a bug:

I was flying in live at KLAX and I had my volume up so I could hear ATC. I quit the game (because their was so much traffic I couldn’t take off) and played in solo mode. When I was playing solo mode I still heard the ATC messages from when I was playing live. I tried restarting the app, going into live and back to solo and had the same issue. Have any of you had this problem?

Another thing I discovered is the C172 drains my battery very quickly and my phone gets hotter than normal.

Phone: iPhone XR 64GB
Update: IOS 13.2

Thanks for your help and support for IF!

I’m thinking this is a bug from what your saying. Can you restart your device?

The ATC stopped after a few seconds after you ended the session, is that correct?

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Yes correct

I’m not sure if that’s a bug. Not really something that would be “show stopping” worthy. The fact that it cuts out shortly after you ended the session is a good thing. We can look to address this in another update and see if that’s something that can be worked on. 🙂

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Didn’t work for me

Sure! Not a big deal just something that I thought should be brought to attention.

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