19.4 App Store Reviews

Hi Folks!

It looks like many of you are getting the update and are enjoying some A350 action (and of course the 172 and TBM, right? wink). As always, we’d love your 5-star review in the app store after your first flight. This helps us with exposure in the app store. The better the rating, the more installs, and the more we can push updates like this one.

Thanks, and enjoy it!


When can I expect it in Central Texas?

We have zero control over this once it’s pushed to Apple.


Ok, hope it’s out before the end of my lunch at 12:50

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Well I still don’t have the update but, looks really great 👍👍

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Well I can happily say that today Android’s rating went from 3.9 to 4.0… I’m still not one of the lucky ones yet.

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Always a 5* rating from me Jason. always have IF LLC’s back with all the amazing results and work you put in

Android don’t have the update

Some of them do.

It is being rolled out and will be available soon :)

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Okay 🥺 thanks

I hope its released in the next 11 mins in the UAE.

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I’m in and its breathtaking

of course dear… its superb, right now i am flying on my a350 from india to the beautiful island nation of maldives… The Airbus A 350 is smooth while on taxing and on take offs and on cruising , stable, waiting to be contacted by the maldives ATC in 35 minutes,

After this haul, i will take her to london, cheers to the team,


I rated it a while back. Five stars as always. Great job guys.

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