19.4, Anxiously waiting

Is anyone else refreshing their app updates a dozen times a day waiting for 19.4 to drop? I’m more excited about this than I was about getting acceptance letters to college! lol

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Devs said that 19.4 will be released early to mid-december. I wouldn’t have high hopes until a few weeks if I were you…

It is, in fact, early December. Don’t steal away my joy. ;)

They said early To mid-December. 4 days have passed. Give it some time. It will, eventually come.

There will be a post in #announcements when the update has been sent for approval (well, usually there is). It’s best not to waste your time refreshing 12 times a day, since it’s not even ready yet 🙂

Y’all must be fun at parties. “Christmas is like 21 days away. Stop being excited.”

I’m just giving you the facts. Being excited is perfectly fine, but refreshing the app 12 times a day won’t make it come any faster.


There not trying to be party poopers. Thats just the truth

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What they are saying is you will be told well before you will be able to download on here with a pinned post. Just continue using the IFC, and sometime you’ll see a nice message telling you that it’s ready, then you can refresh the App Store.

Gunna keep refreshing.

They’ll post it as soon as the update is live… 19.3 was android first, to see if there was any major issues. Then released to Apple. But updates will come when they’re ready👍🙂

How about going outside? Watch some TV. Do something other then sit there refreshing your device. Waste of time. How about go do a flight🙂👍


Agreed. Refreshing the app 12 times a day won’t make it come any faster. But refreshing at a more frequent interval will make it available for download earlier than if I didn’t. ;)

Its best to keep all discussion regarding the upcoming 19.4 update in this thread: Q4 2019 Development Update


I get a notification on my Android whenever an app update comes out. I don’t have to refresh

Pouring rain outside here in the Bay Area. And I’m at work. That would be unprofessional. But I like the idea of starting a flight!

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I wouldn’t count on it. It won’t be available until they push it to Apple or android. It (probably) won’t be pushed until you see an announcement.

Just keep refreshing if you’d like. At some point in time, you’ll get lucky ;)