19.3 A321 Captain Side View Angle

So the new instruments are a fantastic step forward (although the change in viewing angle/cues and muscle memory will take a bit to adjust to 😉)

But… I just noticed what seems to be an oversight with the A321-the captains side view is positioned as it was pre 19.3 and it makes the instruments difficult to read resulting in needing an adjustment. The first officer’s side is as on the A320-positioned to read the instruments. I’ve attached screenshots below.

image image

A321 or A320? First time I tried the A321 was just now-wonder if it’s my device

For the record:
iPad Pro 11”
Most Current iOS

I was wrong, I’m currently in an A320 I haven’t tried the A321 yet so I wouldn’t know

I hadn’t tried the A321 myself until just now.

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They already know. It will be adjusted soon.

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