19.2 Hotfix Update

I didn’t notice these before. Did the devs do something to the planes in the update?

I think it’s just a bug

It’s also more noticeable on lower quality planes like the 757. CRJ you can barely see it.

After this hot fix for ios, it’s very solid I am not having any issues whatsoever. Very good telemetry and physics right down the line . Good work here devs , mods , betas and artists . Very good running on the iPad 12.9 2019 .


thanks pal

Good evening everyone, since the new fix deployed, I’m having trouble flying in IF.

Indeed since the last update patch I received 4 hours ago, I can not plan and make a flight correctly without the application stops.

For example, tonight I wanted to make a cargo flight with a 748 between PANC-VHHH, every time I validate my flight plan and start to push back, the application stops and it is produced 3 to 5 times.
Maybe my device does not support this new MAJ too much.
Device type used: Zenphone 4 max plus

In the meantime, have a good evening thank you.

Hello @FKMX, post all that info plus any extra information in a #support topic or search for a similar issue in that category.

Why are u afraid that u can fix it?

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I think he missed a letter. I do that all the time…

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Would you mind explaining the 350knt restriction even above 10,000 it doesn’t make it realistic and it prolongs flight times, if you could please explain this that would be great, do you have plans on removing it?

There wouldn’t be a need to remove the 350kt restrictions as most, if not all airliners cannot fly faster than 350kts Indicated Airspeed. The speed you on other players aircraft is a ground speed read out.


I understand this thank you very much but I put the a340 at around Mach .94 and it handled fine yet I got a warning about keeping it below .87 mach

I’ll message you with a topic for you to refer to regarding cruising speeds. This really isn’t the topic for this discussion.

The Cessna 172’s cockpit view has been fixed few days ago. However, the tail session at the back end view of the Cessna 172 is disappeared, and I don’t know when the Cessna 172 is completely fixed.

I’m so happy my device is performing better since the hotfix. :)


Mach 0.82/3 would be normal cruise

This issue is only with the a330-300 it won’t stop I have restarted device and the App

  • If you’re experiencing issues with the updated A330, please delete Infinite Flight from your device and install the latest version from your respective App Store. A fresh install will resolve this issue.


Thank you IF for the hotfix!

I agree, very cool hotfix, very epic