19.2 Hotfix Update

You are awesome, thanks Jason!

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The 172 get fixed? Didnt see it in the post.

Just give it some time to get to your device

It’s a trend, when ever someone sends out an update as a company, they always have bugs which they never fix and then have to release a smaller bug fix update. It always happens

  • Fixed prop of the C172 in Cockpit view

From the topic linked in the main

How do I find what version number I’m running?

  1. Go into Infinite Flight
  2. Go into settings
  3. Hit “about” on the bottom
  4. The version will be in the top left corner

Does this fix the blinking of the glass display, per chance?

I never got the update for Apple, did it roll out yet?

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Thanks, now I see it

@jasonrosewell: May I know what this is about? Is the HUD displacement in the X Cub captains view a bug? Here are pictures taken moments apart. I double clicked before taking the captains view.

Are you referring to the flight path vector?

Look at the ‘v’ and the ‘o’ displacement in the HUDs, they should be the same in both views.

The FPV(o) indicates where the plane will end up, so it’s not supposed to move, the rest of the HUD(v) does move with the camera though, the xcub cockpit camera is angled downward towards the cockpit, so that’s why the HUD looks like that. I don’t thinks it’s actually bug.

It’s just panned down by default, in that specific camera view, so the FPV will be “displaced” by default in that view. You can tell that it’s panned down because of the hud’s opacity. The hud will become more transparent as you pan around.

Took a bit of getting used to in this position but hey I just love the C Cub.

I have been experiencing lots of lag and issues. When connected to any wifi network, it will start out fine, but start lagging later, making it impossible to land without using autoland. By lag I mean the app doesn’t run smoothly. When panning around the plane, it isn’t smooth it’s “jumpy” same with landing. The runway doesn’t smoothly move on the screen, it is glitchy and jumpy. Even with my graphics on lowest settings, ram cleared, scenery cleared, background apps closed, restarted device, and uninstall reinstall. This is with all planes even low quality ones. Just worse on high quality ones. When I use cellular it’s fine but I get connection problems. And like 5 seconds after being disconnected from the server the app crashes. What I’m really wondering is why does the app crash so easily when I get disconnected from the live server. This was before the hot fix update. Was this a known issue? My device is an iPhone 6s.

Just installed the update and because I make videos and sometimes when I slow the aircraft down and have APPR on the aircraft pitches very high and I don’t want that on my footage. But since updating I went to go do the solo mode approach spawn point and went to go activate the APPR and it wouldn’t because I needed VS on so now I am very angry as I am unable to fly the approach without APPR on first so could you please revert the APPR settings back to 19.02.01 as they have been the best ever.

What are these lines flickering on the wings of my airplane?

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I’ve been noticing them to, I just ignore them, it’s just the rendering.

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