19.2 Hotfix Update


This is not something we can fix I’m afraid. As Infinite Flight continues to improve, raised requirements are necessary and some devices that have been able to run on the highest graphics settings before, won’t be able to do so now.

With that being said, some performance improvements have been made in this hotfix for certain scenarios as stated in the top post.


Thank you all!
For the hard work on the hotfix!

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Thanks a lot


I want to report an issue with flight controls on iOS. When launching IF and doing the first flight, the yoke moves around freely. If I start another flight, the yoke responds to device tilting with choppy and abrupt movements. It’s the best way I can explain it. It happens with both my iPad and iPhone. And it’s nothing wrong with the gyro on the devices, I have tested that already. Restarting IF makes the yoke move freely again, but only for the first flight after launching IF.

Are you referring to the yoke in the bottom status bar?

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No, I’m referring to the yoke or flight stick (depending on the aircraft) inside the virtual cockpit. But it’s not just the visual movement of the yoke/stick that’s the issue. After the first flight, when I go into settings - controls, you can see the issue there too, on the pitch/roll “bars” when tilting the device.

You heard the man.

5 star review incoming…

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I found a bug in the xcub… when you turn off your engines 500 ft in the air the engines will automatically turn on by itself… I am not sure if it is supposed to do that but you should check it out…


I was not able to reproduce it. The sound comes back but that’s expected as it’s tied to the RPM, but it doesn’t turn on.

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Shaky cam doesn’t work on the 787 family. Is this supposed to be that or should I make a support topic?

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For now, it’s supposed to be like that.

A few models will not have the feature initially.


Alright then, thanks for the quick answer

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And as you can see, it’s still red :)

We love those <3

More of that, folks!

Hello I’m very confused I have a Samsung android but don’t have the update??Screenshot_20190709-220539_Google%20Play%20Store

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Another 5 Star review is on the way! Bracr yourselves!

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Thanks for more information😃😃

Pada tanggal Sel, 9 Jul 2019 16.01, jasonrosewell via Infinite Flight Community infinite_flight@discoursemail.com menulis:

Amazing as always!

Great work team!

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I love you Jason 😘