19.2 Hotfix Update

I’ll message you with a topic for you to refer to regarding cruising speeds. This really isn’t the topic for this discussion.

The Cessna 172’s cockpit view has been fixed few days ago. However, the tail session at the back end view of the Cessna 172 is disappeared, and I don’t know when the Cessna 172 is completely fixed.

I’m so happy my device is performing better since the hotfix. :)


Mach 0.82/3 would be normal cruise

This issue is only with the a330-300 it won’t stop I have restarted device and the App

  • If you’re experiencing issues with the updated A330, please delete Infinite Flight from your device and install the latest version from your respective App Store. A fresh install will resolve this issue.


Thank you IF for the hotfix!

I agree, very cool hotfix, very epic


Will the C172 be fixed as well? I’ve seen the issue when switched to the rear end view of the cockpit; the tail disappeared as they were some bugs.
Refer to this topic for more details:

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I hate to rain on the parade you guys, but I use 4G (cellular date) for all my flights, and ever since I’ve installed the 19.2 Hotfix update, I started having issues getting the global server to work on my first flight (it never got resolved on its own). After that first flight, I have been completely unable to load a flight on IF, it just stays stuck on the loading screen.

Is it possible to install an older version of the app? (As in, the 19.2 update without the hotfix)

Huh!? I tried to spawn today on EBBR with my friend, but it didn’t show his plane or name tag. We tried some other airports like EBCI or EGLL (Because EGLL is always busy) And it didn’t show all the planes… only mine. I checked LiveFlight if we’re showed on the map, but no! I didn’t found myself and i didn’t found my friend. We both played on Training Server. We reinstalled the app, but still nothing. Could someone help me?

they’re already aware of it. should be fixed soon

I’ve been having issues where it only shows half the airport at KSEA

Try clearing your scenery cache.

That didn’t work. I reinstalled the app twice and it worked somehow 🤷‍♂️

When’s the tail session of the Cessna 172 view be fixed?

When’s the released date of the last 19.2 Hotfix update?

It was several days ago. 13 July I believe.

When’s the 172 will be fixed due to the missing tail session in the following topic:

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