19.2 Hotfix Update


As you know, our developers have identified (thanks to some very helpful feedback by some of you) a list of bug fixes and improvements that will be part of a hotfix for v19.2. Here is the original announcement for those that have not seen it:

This hotfix is being pushed to Apple now. We will roll this out to Android users first for additional stress testing. We’ve done this in the past, and while it might not seem fair at first, it actually speeds up the entire process if we discover further issues. To redeploy with Apple means additional wait times which nobody wants. When we are confident that Android users are seeing the same results our beta testers did, we’ll press the “go” button with Apple.

Here is a list of things coming in this hotfix:

  • We fixed an issue in the XCub level of detail selection which could result in poor performance in multiplayer when there are a lot of XCubs around you.
  • Fixed replay continuing past the end of the stream
  • Added Follow Aircraft Ahead message in progressive taxi
  • Fixed double tap to zoom in free cam in multiplayer and replay
  • Live Replay now shows ghostings properly
  • Live replay now shows reconnections in log
  • Disconnecting APPR mode disconnects VS/HDG now
  • Fixed virtual cockpit, camera shake, top scenic camera issues in some planes
  • Fixed replay crash when not logged in
  • Fixed HUD placement on devices with notches
  • Fixed system page going full screen on some devices when orientation changed
  • Fixed ATC messaging control size on some devices

Thanks for your help in reporting issues you’ve noticed. For those that may still see issues, the very best thing you can do is a search on our forum first, to see if it’s already being discussed. You can narrow your search to just the #support category to help yourself out. If you can’t find it, then you might be the first to see it. In that case, please post a topic with the following information:

  • Your device make and model
  • The exact version number of Infinite Flight you’re running
  • A description of the error
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • The expected behavior
  • The actual behavior
  • A 5-star review in the app store (what? who put that there?)

Thanks, and we’ll keep you up to date with hotfix changes on this thread!



Thank you my friend your a legend.


Thanks again all !

For the hard work to push out a hotfix as quick as possible!


While I wasn’t on IF much to witness the issues, I’m glad that the problems are fixed. Hopefully the hot fix comes before I come home on July 11


Thanks guys, I’m just starting to realise how much of an update this is, and how much work you put into the small things.

Names in flight change smoothly
A 747 Livery
The XCub
New Graphics settings (well… refurbished)
New ATC messages, I got those today.
Added take off messages things to quick atc… thing… (it’s too early for me… I can’t imagine what time Misha got up)

Thank you Infinite flight for all the work you put in. It is heavily respected by us.

Loads more stuff which I’m yet to find out…


What is the issue?


I thank each of you for these work details! Thanks team.


Both obviously


Nevermind, seems like I can’t read. My bad.

Basically I thought pushed to apple meant getting on the store.


I see your point tho now when i read that one more time


For what it says the publication will be Android first since you do not have to wait long for its review as Apple. If things go well with the Hotfix on Android, they will launch Apple. They have done this procedure before.


Wait, what was the XCub level of detail?


Haha love that cheeky 5 start review on the app/playstore 😆…Thanks for working on the issues!


The XCub have one level “less” due to it’s size. But the app didn’t know that so it cycled back to the highest level of detail in certain cases which could cause some performance issues.


I thought that the standby ATC was actually gonna change but it doesn’t


I thought that you guys enabled VS/HDG after APPR disconnecting to prevent control loss.


Thank you for the clarification


Hi yesteday on the tarmac the Cub forward alone like if you have a real strong wind and when’s I using tootle gaz the cub turn on R ou Left but impossible to taxing correctly.

Does this hotfix improve iPad performance? I have the 5th generation and after the last update I have to download the graphics to medium because the framerate suffers a lot. I always had the graphics up high without any problems. Someone with the same device that happens the same?