19.2 Hotfix Announcement & Server Maintenance

Thanks for fixing HUD issues! 🤘

When have we not? 🤗


Never, Literally never :)


Thanks for letting us know Jason! 😄

Will the IPad 6gen work with this

If your device is on this list, it should work.

However, bear in mind that your iPad may not work on the highest settings. I suggest opening up the section about your device and having a read through it.

Yes it will work on max settings I’m using the same device right now

thanks for solving the issues. nice update by the way 😃

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Hi, can I request a verification from the developers on the new APPR system, the good part is when we connect the APPR the aircraft maintain the altitude until stabilize in the LOC👌, but when we disconnect the aircraft start climbing cause the VS still connected and for some reason the aircraft goes up, and I experienced the fail on communication while controlling at KBIL (the user couldn’t answer the cross runway permission).


Thank you for the hot fix! Is there going to be a fix for device crashes?

Which device crashes are you referring to?

Besides the replay crashes, most of them are probably due to too high graphics settings.

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Perhaps start making it an option to go over to PC?

Thanks for the heads up

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Was just taking off and looking at the view when I saw a black line appearing at the mountains and it moved as I moved the camera, not everywhere only on the mountains. It came and then disappeared and came back etc… Tried adjusting graphics and all but it was still there, will this also be fixed?

I can also see what looks like water line through the ground

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd gen IOS 12.3.1
I made a topic about it but no one gave really good info

This is not something we’ve seen any recent reports of, and you’ve encountered it once as i understand it? The issues planned for this hotfix is listed in the top post.

Please report issues in a separate topic.


I just looked at your topic and it’s a bit odd, but we haven’t really seen any additional reports of what you are experiencing :/

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Ok thanks for taking a look at it

I see a380 cockpit view was fixed

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Are you guys also aware that you can’t select your own airplane in free cam if there are other planes around.

I’ve had this problem in live replay, haven’t tested this in live.

Just wanted to let you guys know😀