19.2 Hotfix Announcement & Server Maintenance

Can we expect any performance improvements with this hotfix?

The fact it is already in Beta testing may mean no major improvements for performance. That takes a long time. Who knows however


Hi Jason,

I’m just thinking if maybe you need to tweak the limit frame rate setting/function? With all settings on High and anti-aliasing On, if limit frame rate is enabled then the graphics are a bit laggy and choppy (especially noticeable in the XCub of course). When I, with the same settings as above, run with limit frame rate disabled, then the graphics are superb and absolutely butter smooth! :) My device is an iPad mini 5 2019.


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I don’t if it is just me but I seem to have regular crashes when on critical stages of flight. It hasn’t been mentioned in the update which makes me think it is just me.

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The a320 and 21 needs to be fix when I select flap 1 the aircraft does a nose down losing 100 fpm

@Frank_Cullimore, please have a look at A321 physics issues.

Laura is working on a fix.

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@Maxim thanks for letting me know 👍

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I’m not sure. Looked like she was asking for more data. And referred to the A319 not 321

Gathering data is working on a fix. Yes, she originally wrote the A319 and I’ve pointed it out and she said it’s a mistype.

When you have limit frame rate on, this is the expected behavior. You limiting the rate at which Infinite Flight will draw frames on the screen. It takes it from a potential 60 frames per second and reduces it.

If you can run it smoothly without the frame limiter, then just leave it turned off. 😉

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Okay got it, thanks 😊

Device will get very hot in this case, isn’t that the point of the frame rate limiter

I have an XS Max and still it gets hot even with the limiter on

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When the hotfix release for public?

I’ll keep beating this drum:

As you put more strain on your device (ie added features people demand such as working instruments, clouds, HD scenery, buildings, cows, etc) it will drain your battery faster, get hotter (CPU + GPU working super hard), and sometimes max out your memory (not storage). There has to be a balance, which in this case is probably frame limiting and lowering graphics settings. We won’t be adding clouds and smoke that look like they came out of Minecraft. They’ll look real.

Added features come at a cost. You’re seeing it now. Some technology to support clouds was silently deployed in v19.2.


Hi is there a way of turning off the automatic atc frequency in the settings, I was trying ask to take off on EHAM unicom when ground atc (controlled at the time) keeps auto tuning back in, I nearly asked for pushback twice.

Will Infinity Flight be laggy if the WiFi is slow?

When I fly with my WiFi Hotspot IF is a bit laggy in fast turns.

The Internet speed is: The Download speed on the WiFi Hotspot is 28.05 Mbps and the Upload speed on 28.02 Mbps.

So Infinite Flight and their respective owners want us to overtime, buy better ‘machines’ to run the game on. £700 for a new ipad which has a higher CPU card in it?

That’s not what anyone said. But like all other software applications, improved features often requires increased requirements. So if you’ve been able to run Infinite Flight with the highest setting earlier, it doesn’t mean you will be able to do so now or in the future with your current device.


Oh, so if you WANT the better graphics and quality, it’s your choice to upgrade but you CAN still play on low graphics but it’s your issue not upgrading. My Iphone7 runs medium graphics, I hope to upgrade xmas time to iPhone X

Ive has this happen to me many times. Before I had an iPhone 6 but I was starting to fall behind so I got an XR. My iPad mini 2 was falling behind so I got the iPad Mini 5. When app devs try to upgrade the game to make it better with more features more hardware is needed. The X Cub especially requires the most hardware performance because of the live cockpit and the amazing detail