19.2 Hotfix Announcement & Server Maintenance

Thanks for letting us know Jason!


If you are experiencing lag, please try adjusting your quality settings. As we prepare to add more features (clouds, more functional displays, etc), the demand on the processor and GPU go up. With this and future builds, it’s likely that only new iPad pros and similar will function without lag on max quality settings.


My thought was like I didn’t see new features like clouds and stuff in this update and why my device suddenly started experience some lagging issue… but now after you mentioned above I accept the fact.

There we go!

Flap angle issue? What’s this about? Haven’t flown A321 in 19.2 yet.


At least you guys care about your customers 🙂✈️


I haven’t noticed a thing lol been flying golden :)

Thanks. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for fixing HUD issues! 🤘

When have we not? 🤗


Never, Literally never :)


Thanks for letting us know Jason! 😄

Will the IPad 6gen work with this

If your device is on this list, it should work.

However, bear in mind that your iPad may not work on the highest settings. I suggest opening up the section about your device and having a read through it.

Yes it will work on max settings I’m using the same device right now

thanks for solving the issues. nice update by the way 😃

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Hi, can I request a verification from the developers on the new APPR system, the good part is when we connect the APPR the aircraft maintain the altitude until stabilize in the LOC👌, but when we disconnect the aircraft start climbing cause the VS still connected and for some reason the aircraft goes up, and I experienced the fail on communication while controlling at KBIL (the user couldn’t answer the cross runway permission).


Thank you for the hot fix! Is there going to be a fix for device crashes?

Which device crashes are you referring to?

Besides the replay crashes, most of them are probably due to too high graphics settings.

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