19.2 Hotfix Announcement & Server Maintenance

Hello, pilots and controllers!

As sometimes happens, some issues with 19.2 have gone undetected even in spite of rigorous alpha and beta testing. To address these issues, developers are pushing a hotfix to our beta team. Of course, once we believe it’s ready, this will go into review with Apple and require approval before being available in the App Store. For this reason, we cannot give you an exact ETA as it’s out of our control. Android beta will have this for testing soon since we can push it directly to them.

Here are some of the things to expect from this hotfix:

  • Fixed prop of the C172 in Cockpit view
  • Fixed cockpit shake for some aircraft
  • Fixed replay crash when not logged in
  • Fixed Hud view issues for users with a notch in their device
  • Fixed airplane not being visible when selecting the top scenic camera

There is another issue that requires fixing by way of a manifest update and server restart. Some users experienced an issue where they were unable to respond to a runway crossing instruction from ATC.

Please be advised that we have scheduled a maintenance window for tomorrow, July 6th between 05:00Z and 06:00Z. The servers will become unresponsive for users briefly during this time. If you are mid-flight during this time, you may continue your flight and the server connection should resume automatically.

Thanks for your patience as we work on some of these issues!


Anything on the a321 physics issues?


Nice to know Jason - thanks!

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So when are you guys going to fix the A321?


No great update doesn’t come with flaws


Thanks for keeping us informed, Jason!


@HarryH1 @Joshua_Kincheloe this is just a hotfix for 19.2. The developers have not announced a fix for the A320 bobbing since there is no definite cause.


Not exactly sure what you’re referring to here. There’s been 1 topic about minor issues on the A321 as of yet, with not that much conclusive information to work with so far. Need some more information to start with.

As both of you are experiencing issues, but have yet to post anything in the topic I’m speaking of… maybe you should to help us understand the issues better? :)


I’m referring to the new flap angle issues, not the prior bobbing issue

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Understood. Sorry for assuming incorrectly 🙂

This is what we are waiting for! Hopefully will fix my lag
Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know Jason!


If you are experiencing lag, please try adjusting your quality settings. As we prepare to add more features (clouds, more functional displays, etc), the demand on the processor and GPU go up. With this and future builds, it’s likely that only new iPad pros and similar will function without lag on max quality settings.


My thought was like I didn’t see new features like clouds and stuff in this update and why my device suddenly started experience some lagging issue… but now after you mentioned above I accept the fact.

There we go!

Flap angle issue? What’s this about? Haven’t flown A321 in 19.2 yet.


At least you guys care about your customers 🙂✈️


I haven’t noticed a thing lol been flying golden :)

Thanks. Keep up the great work!