19.1 Status & General Updates


Not off topic at all sir! 19.1 contains the A330, and truck tilt is something on real world A330s. You’re all good I think


Raise to 15¥! 😂


Ok well I’m going to have to test that out. Oh jeez


This update is going to be great!


I’ll do all of my money for Friday and I’ll also put in my house 😂


Then why did you go right back to it? Please stop speculating and let’s us see what does when it comes. And please don’t “bet” on when the release will come. Just let it come




There is nothing wrong with speculating. But when it is consistent, what we can do as a community is to clarify as best as possible to anyone. :)

Also betting can be left to pm XD


It’s out tomorrow :)


I’m not on any sides here, but like what other people have said, let them speculate. There is nothing wrong with it. If you’re annoyed by it, then just ignore it.


That’s what i said


There you have it folks. :D


And how we know this… exactly? 😂


Well idk. Red Nose Day 😂?!


Chris is right here - although, there has to be a limit to it.

“I’ll bet $x on it coming out ___”

“It’s coming out ___”

If you want to think Pilots are coming, liveries are coming, whatever, go ahead. No one will die from it.

Betting money on its release date is another thing. Limit yourself and enjoy 18.6 before some things change.


AS OF 5:35PM EST, MARCH 14TH, 2019

There is no real IG or Twitter confirmation of release date of 19.1 from Laura posted. Merci.


Yeah. Yet again. It was when global was being released he’s just teasing us…


0935Z* Whew, y’all are scaring me.


When staff posts in here or another thread in #announcements, pay attention to that.

Otherwise, you’re just chasing your tails.


Honestly, I thought it was real too hence why I posted it. I’m gonna check it out for myself