19.1 Status & General Updates


I want the update omg it’s everyuodate that gets me hyped I feel like I’m gonna DIE GAHHHHH ^_^


Cheaky Cheaky 🙄 😆


Exactly, dont know why people get so triggered for speculation. If you dont like it carry on, no need to bash people


So no cockpits as of yet


Same here lol I can’t hold it any longer


I see more replies saying stop speculating than I do off topic comments…

The Infinite Flight team has given certain individuals the moderator role so that if someone is off topic, they can handle it. It is not the responsibility of average forum users to tell someone to stop speculating. You are not helping, in fact you are only adding to this figurative storm.

In addition to this, speculation is not necessarily off topic. It’s ok to have speculation here and there. The moderators are here to control the storm, you are not. Let them handle the things they were appointed to do, this thread goes nowhere when there’s a bunch of users telling people to be patient and stop being off topic, etc.


Very well said Chris the moderators are trained to take this storm


£5 says it comes out this weekend

… Sorry, couldn’t resist :)


I can’t anymore. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


I agree speculation is fun it gets me even more hype.


Not trying to speculate or get hopes up, and if I do then it will be a warning as of your own risk of disappointment.
But would just like to share that I came across this comment on infinite flight’s instagram page.



Yes I do know what speculating is…


I’ll do $10 for Friday 😂


Haha, you’re not in the wrong for speculating. I see this is a great observation, and that we will just have to wait and see ;)

I suggest hawk-watching this #announcements topic?


I am getting really really excited now for this update!


Yeah I noticed that too I myself am not tryna get to hype for the liveries I’m tryna see in the game so I won’t be as disappointed if they don’t come out


Great update! Just sad theres going to be no Thomas Cook :((

Can’t complain at all though cannot wait for this!!!


Lol I literally come to the community to check the announcements every 5 mins I can’t wait any longer 🤣


Yes, a pity! :( Though I am grateful that there are some subtle hints throughout their IG page! Specifically the comments. Perhaps there are more things confirmed down there we haven’t looked at…


Yes, but it’s claimed by no small number that the red text that instantly grabs your eyes isn’t enough, so they’re stopping just short of a hand actually coming out of the device and slapping you so people can’t claim that anymore.