19.1 Status & General Updates


There are things that we keep silent about to avoid talking nonsense …


Tried with a better view


Listen, it’s most likely gonna come out tomorrow so just be patient. * continues to watch Chicago med


And why do you think that? For all we know it could be weeks until this update comes.


It’s just been sent to apple and I find luck on Fridays 😉


Though you may be absolutely right, there is no confirmation. Let us just hope with what the devs sent to Apple, and be informed with the confirmed information we have now and are later to receive. Furthermore, I am happy we are still spreading the message of patience as some people in the community need that.

We should still keep in touch and see what is coming perhaps in #announcements ;)


I’m watching the announcements page like a vulture


Stop speculating and wait till it comes out


Guys…we understand you are all excited for the first update of 2019 and who wouldn’t be? That being said to avoid any further speculation on if it’s going to be released tomorrow, next week or in a few months, let’s just think that it’s called 19.1 for a reason.

Saying it will be released in 2019 will be the safest bet to avoid any further speculation.


Right right fine, I’m only speculating as my nose is bleeding for this update. AAAAAND they’ve already started testing the new planes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The new aircraft is not something we should speculate this time around, though. This thread is meant specifically for updates associated to 19.1

Thank you.


deep breath


Guys the Update will be out soon™️


That part got me. 😂


Infinite flight: “coming soon”

Also infinite flight: “were releasing this next year”


Hhahha best comment so far


Welcome back 😂
I just saw this message about you being back


@Kaiserthebloo do you not know what speculating is? Everyone has said to stop speculating, but every post you have posted recently has been. This update will come when it comes. The key is being patient. And just because the update has been sent to Apple, dosent men it will be approved, so there is a pretty good chance it won’t come tomorrow. Also, even after it is approved, IF gets to choose when to push it. So let’s just be patient and stop speculating, so we can all sleep a little bit better :)


i don’t get it, whats wrong with people speculating? let them speculate its not a crime, if you don’t wanna see people speculate just scroll down the comments quickly or if you wanna get an update of what was confirmed so far you can just ask and people will be more than happy to share you the info,.

let people speculate as much as they want, i know some people have fun speculating things so let them have their fun ^_^ and instead of shutting them down with the same repeated spam posts of “stop speculating be patient” you can just log out of this Topic and keep your eyes on the Announcements section if you don’t wanna bother with people speculating in this Topic, otherwise you’re just spamming like they do.

i personally have fun reading through all the speculations nothing really bothers me,.

happy landings ^_^


I’m not sure about a pilot being in the cockpit because when Laura posted a photo on Instagram or her story I can’t rember but there was no pilot in the UPS livery but who knows