19.1 Status & General Updates


I’ll be off for now but do @ me if there are any questions :)


There is a lit of being hyped about. Stability and improvements are always good and I mean there is the new REPLAY FEATURE and the A330 REWORK and some other things like gate restrictions!


It is only a SOFT rework, and also replay mode is not a must but something that is good to have


Yeah they pushed the builds on Tuesday after the stream. 2 days passed (almost) so maybe they already have it ready and they aren’t telling us lol


WOW, can’t wait! >_^


You neglect the other 3 things that no one can deny are amazing. Also, reply mode will be a game changer. I can now rewatch all of my 3 hour long ATC sessions! #movienight!!



Update will be here soon folks, hang tight 🙏


I wonder what’s and how many surprises we’re getting I hope it’s a lot :))


I hope it gets here before Saturday or else I won’t be able to download it till almost 8 o’clock at night.


Sorry @Yacht. An @Alex_Hancock, we’ve been talking about the update coming out before this weekend.


But a soft rework which is worth the wait. I mean we get wing flex, better physics which will make the A330 more adorable to fly! And also replay is awesome because it records your full flight which us amazing!


I always loved the 737, even just having Pilots, wingflex, some more liveries and such, it made the 737 more enjoyable.

I’m sure the A330 will have Pilots in the Flight deck too.

What I’m saying is that even a soft rework can change an Aircraft, this being the biggest as the physics are mimicking the real Aircraft


The only thing what caused this rumour is the twitter post so lets stay cool


i officially quit flying the A330 so yeah the soft rework is making me excited to fly the A330 again,.

i think the replay is gonna be one of the best features not just for ATC, i mean you will be able to replay and watch your own short final and touch down and judge your landing skills to improve on multiplayer, also if you crashed or something bad happened you can replay it and then record it and upload it and share it here to let the other community members watch what hapened and give you feedback,.

so yeah i am excited for this update ^_^


A can not wait for the surprises AHH


I may have spotted a pilot. Maybe wrong thoughimage


Might just be the seat headrest? I thought they said nothing else would change - that being said, that was their claim before informing us that wing flex was coming, so who knows? Company would be nice on the long hauls in this bird!


There could be, just like the addition Al faetures to the 737, you could expect pilots…


Honestly, in my opinion, these pilots do not add anything, just make the plane weigh more.


This is true! That’s the problem with passengers you see. They only make the plane heavier. Same with cargo. And with fuel, for that matter.