19.1 Status & General Updates

I hope things get better in your waking life. Be well my friend. ❤️

What does ground effect mean ? Can someone please let me know ?😊


Here you go!


Thank you @anon41771314


Only thai and sri lankan ?? I thougt we can see turkish eurowings or edelweiss

Nothing is wrong with the text on the Virgin Australia 737-800

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They are not going to show us all new liveries through Instagram posts. They will reveal some there, sneak peak and teasers but the full list of liveries will be shown on the Announcement Post of Update 19.1

So keep an eye out in #announcements so that you don’t miss out when they officially reveal 19.1 for the public :)


So there’s more A330 livery’s they just haven’t shown them yet

We don’t know yet. You’ll have to wait and see. There’s always a possibility ;)

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Good morning, another day of waiting and speculation… lol!

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Yeah… look at the difference

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Well, I have not commented on this topic for a long time.
I was busy doing anything else. Got distracted about 19.1 when flying on the Expert Servers. This announcement topic has gone wild in many ways recently. Maybe the topic is not so ‘clean’ as for any relevant comments, but I really love on how the people are so hyped for this update. It took me back the days when Global was about to come out. I was one of them. 🙂

Look, the update will come. I’ll just try and concentrate on flights on the expert server.


Now you gotta point. Maybe it needs a logo fix but we may not see it for a while who knows



It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman! No no It’s a plane… Nooo there are 3 planes!


Hi there. I have been moving away from generating STARs and SIDs as maintaining them is pretty challenging. I personally use Navigraph/Jeppesen. I now provide the following for each airport:

  1. Outline of Airport
    scroll down to see airport stats
    scroll further to see links to Navigraph charts as well as a link to the IF parking
    Hope this helps

Let’s wait for the development team themselves to confirm everything. Let’s also not talk about what we think may come, as many can may things are coming to satisfy themselves as to what they want. It’s a psychological thing.

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The Thai A330 Has Been Announced and Confirmed 2 Times :)

Look At da Flex 💪


I have epilepsy too…

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I am not trying to start an argument, but there are many things that you have said that we’re not confirmed by the devs:

Taken directly from your message:
I will show each and every feature coming to 19.1


Thank You Devs!

Gate Restrictions

  • No Parking an A380 in a FBO spot after this update :0🤷‍♂️ (Maybe this one, maybe 19.2)
  • Spots you can not park at are Red✅

New Violation Warning

  • Violations that you may get will pop up on your screen instead of as a bar✅

Multiplayer Replay

  • ATC Replay ✅
  • Pilot Replay✅
  • HD Screenshots Button✅
  • Add Notes to Replays✅


  • Wingflex✅
  • New Engine Cone🤷‍♂️
  • New Flap Animations🤷‍♂️
  • Ground Effect✅
  • Better Physics✅
  • Liveries Confirmed
  • SriLankan✅
  • Thai✅
  • TAM 77W✅


  • Livery Fixes For Other Aircraft⛔️ (Not sure which one)

✅ — confirmed
⛔️ — not confirmed this will happen
🤷‍♂️ — not sure, or I haven’t heard heard about it

If you’d like to continue discussion about this, feel free to PM me