19.1 Status & General Updates

That’s just the epitome of an online discussion. They are paying customers who are excited for what’s to come. What do you expect. :)


True…they should have dedicated threads where people can speculate and that stuff. I see thirty replies on this thread, only to find it’s speculation, complaints of speculation, and people fighting a losing battle telling people to be patient. Just my two cents.


Hi :)

I’d like to respond to this particular part which was your main problem with my comment:

I see your point and I definitely encourage the community to keep this forum alive by adding new feature suggestion and fighting for them to be added to the game.

However: This isn’t exactly the place to do so. This isn’t the feature category. This isn’t a feature suggestion. This is a developers announcement and I was merely stating the fact how this topic was being flooded with an enormous amont of comments that actually belong to a different place in this community. Valuable information by the devs gets lost between all those answers.

If you want to further discuss this, you can send me a PM and we can gladly do so without adding more off-topic comments here 😊

Greetings from the Carnival in Basel!


Hopefully the air Canada new livery will be on the a333.That would be awesome.


Well now we can confirm that wingflex is coming 😃


Hopefully there are more happy surprises too

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I will show each and every feature coming to 19.1


Thank You Devs!

Gate Restrictions

  • No Parking an A380 in a FBO spot after this update :0
  • Spots you can not park at are Red

New Violation Warning

  • Violations that you may get will pop up on your screen instead of as a bar

Multiplayer Replay

  • ATC Replay
  • Pilot Replay
  • HD Screenshots Button
  • Add Notes to Replays


  • Wingflex

  • New Engine Cone

  • New Flap Animations

  • Ground Effect

  • Better Physics

  • Liveries Confirmed

  • SriLankan

  • Thai

  • TAM 77W


  • Livery Fixes For Other Aircraft

Frequently Asked Questions And there Answer

Q: When Will It Come?
A: The update has been sent to apple, but that doesn’t mean it will come now or tommarow or after that.

Q: Will the A330 have a Rework?
A: No, but a light one updating the visits and a few liveries, so no updated Cockpit, or 3D model.

Q: What does Livery Fixes mean?
A: When a livery has an error (like wrong callsign). A few incorrect liveries (Like Spicejet 739 Winglets) will be fixed

I may have forgotten something , tell me if I did :)


You forgot that some new liveries are also coming to the 773-ER ;) (TAM livery confirmed)


Hope they fix the text on the Virgin Australia 737

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Where does it say it’s been shipped to Apple?

It was announced near the end of the live stream on Infinite Flight’s Youtube channel.

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What a week, diagnosed with mild progressing epilepsy and no Qantas A330 livery adds 😔 but plus side is at least A330 will be better overall thank you Laura especially for the A330 touch up.🙂 my favourite aircraft.


How do you know there will be no Qantas A330? Have I missed something?

Sorry to hear about your epilepsy

Sorry to hear you have epilepsy hopefully it won’t get to a bad point

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Going by most other livery’s may have been shown. But one can never guess

This just made me scream for excitement! WiNgFlEx aNd GrOuNd EfFeCt


Is this confirmed?

According to ItzBlitz, and on the post, it says “Thank you Devs!”, So I’m guessing that the devs said about wingflex, but of course, I could be wrong.

Excited for 19.1 ❤ Thank you IF 🤗


Super excited 😍