19.1 Status & General Updates


Stooooop. 19.1 will be here soon


Please go and do something other than shout for 19.1.


So, from what I see, everyone is now talking about when the new update will arrive.

I said before, please be patient, It WILL come when apple approves the update as stable to be released to the public.

I ask that we all stop speculating, or keep it low, and just enjoy what we have now. We will get it soon.
If you want to see why the update sometimes doesn’t happen after being announced that it has been sent to apple, you can check the Livestream, as they have found bugs on their first attempt to release the update. No one knows the status of the current update as of yet.
You continue to say the day it’ll come out, and when it does come, a lot of people will be disappointed because YOU said it will come out that day. Speculation leads to false information, which leads to people believing it, and in the end, if it’s not true, lots of disappointed people.

Keep speculations low.

These game updates take time, so please be patient, that’s all I ask.

For those wondering, or just want answers to general questions, check the livestream here:


it always excites me when 10 people make you a regular or a staff.

can not one come and clarify the matter here? Everyone thinks he is a regular now. it always upset me. okay, we all know that it takes until it is released. why then do 10 people have to come and write the same sentence. Patience is key.


Instagram/Facebook is currently down so no guarantee we will get a notification when the update is out!


People are complaining about other people that are spamming and keep speculating and asking for the realease of 19.1 but are doing the same exact thing themselves. We do not need 20 people to explain to us to be patient and the update can take weeks, we know already from previous comments we are all just clogging up the forum. We all heard it the first time yes the update can take weeks let’s not have everybody keep spamming the same exact comment


Hi there. Let’s try to keep the thread on topic please. There have been a number of posts which should have been via a PM to the user instead in the thread. Thank you for helping to keep things tidy.

Keep an eye on the #announcements category when the release is pushed. The release process is a multi-step process with both stores. The developers take pride in their product and want to deliver the quality that you have come to expect.

Please be patient. Posting impatient comments will just cause others to reply and the cycle repeats itself. For the record, simply posting messages does not automatically make you a regular.

Off-topic or repetitive posts may be flagged if necessary.


What are you talking about? I am still ecstatic they released Global :D


Being hospitable and nice to a new user is also a thing. Remember as a member of this community that we need to be welcoming and friendly. If you were that person, and received the same response, how frustrated with this would you be and likely want to leave


The infinite flight instagram page states that there will be new A333 liveries released in the newest update. This post on here states that there won’t be liveries released. Could we get some kind of clarification? Looking forward to replay!


They are adding a few liveries including TAMS and sri lanka airlines which have been posted on their social media and are in the feed somewhere. The live stream yesterday said they did a “soft” rework of the physics as well


Cool. Thanks for the clarification.


To my knowledge as a normal viewer, there most certainly are new liveries arriving to 19.1 as the devs have confirmed and their IG includes pictures. Please do not take all the information stated in this thread as true, because some is unconfirmed and not backed-up by moderators. Have fun flying and I hope to see you enjoy 19.1 :) (Please disregard any of the above stated words if they are false, I just want to help out as much as I can rightfully!)


This post was created before infinite flight confirmed anything about new liveries or wing flex. At the time they created the post Jason was probably trying to keep the new features a secret and that’s why he did not mention the new features for the A330. The Instagram posts were created a little while after this post was made that’s why they confirmed the new liveries. Hopefully I make sense


In all honesty I wasn’t asking impatiently I was asking because of the fact that due to dental issues I’ve been a little away from gaming for the past couple of days


Hey @DasMarc I don’t believe this the right way to address a cluttered thread. You’re simply invalidating people and that’s not how I believe the community is to be addressed when it comes to topic clutter. It would be better to probably keep encouraging users to move their requests to the appropriate feature topics. Thanks for understanding.


Well, as much as you may not like to hear what I am about to say, it is true.

The moderators and Regulars probably try and keep the community as clean as possible, but people will most likely not stop putting this stuff in the wrong place. You can continue to encourage others, but chances are not much will happen.


I hate update drama. Comes with every update. Two sides bickering to no end. They should close these threads around updates.


Of course… but it’s best to keep encouraging how things are kept organized here on the forum and helping those when we can. However, sarcasm and toxic displays of correction is not beneficial to creating a forum where everyone can feel safe. If you’d like to however, you can DM about it. They’re wide open. 💙


Perfect sense. Thanks