19.1 Status & General Updates


When we update the old verson is gone forever


Not really as all content is stored in the app :)


I just got ghosted… guess I will miss it -_-


How’s that happened?


Got to close to a plane on landing


Not the topic to talk about this guys - Please take it to a PM or head over to your logbook, find who ghosted you and appeal it if you feel it wasn’t legit.


I was just saying that… but okay


Ah, common mistake. Make sure next time have 3 NM of spacing


Thank you!


Aside from saying not to speculate, the spirit we should all be keeping as the audience is to be grateful for what we have as of now, and be even more grateful that the devs have done something as much as put their hard work and effort into something we can enjoy! :D Though we obviously have to be patient in terms of it perhaps being released in a few hours to a few days.

Patience is a virtue and we should further acknowledge anymore updates on 19.1 as they come.


Just out of curiosity when was it sent to be reviewed by apple what yesterday or the day before?


I think it was yesterday


It’s been sent three time now, all been approved. However infinite flight had to scrap the update three times for last minute fixes, I’m sure it’s been sent again and the developers will follow up on a social media account.


It was sent Friday the 8th and approved, then Monday they found a bug, fixed it, sent it again, then yesterday found another bug, patched and sent it again yesterday and in their stream they said no more bugs but more can pop up so we just have to be patient a little longer


Right for the time being (deep breath) KEEP YOURSELVES OCCUPIED! It’ll come when it comes, so pleeeeeease getta coffee, do a flight, go outside, go to a farmers market or a convention ( wink wink )

I’m not gonna get hopes up but it’ll most likely be Friday, latest might well be Wednesday

  1. Stop Speculating.

  2. Stop talking about English this, English that. Take it to a PM.

  3. Stay On-Topic.

  4. Be Patient.

  5. I need to Sleep, Good Night.


Thank you :)


Sending to apple to be reviewed does NOT mean it will be out tomorrow or the day later.! It ONLY means they accept it and its up to the staff if they want to push it forward for us or continue to test to find issues!


Someone who put great sense into this, thank you!


Sorry to crush your dreams but google translate makes no sense at all.

Coming back to topic. Knowing it’s just one click away from release keeps our hope up! The devs will find the right moment to do it I’m sure.