19.1 Status & General Updates


It will come out tomorrow… it will come out next week…

Guys, please stop speculating so much on when the new update is going to release. It will come when the respective stores approve the new update for the public to receive.

It will come out. I ask for you all to please be patient. When one person speculated the release, it can lead to false information, in which could lead to disappointment as to why it didn’t come out on the speculated day it was “supposed” to come out.

It will come. Patience is important. Appreciate that they at least told us that it was sent to Apple, and all we have to do is wait for it’s release.

Please note that Lots of stuff happens behind the scenes of testing a new update before it’s release to the general public.
It’ll come to your devices soon


Good idea !


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I hope you guys realize that the update was sent and approved by apple, however it’s now pending developer release due to some bugs that were found right before release. Which was what the devs said on the live stream. However until all of these bugs are found and squashed, don’t expect the update to be out!


Yes that’s right, i think so. I have checked out Apple and the days of waiting have soon reaced.


Speculation is good fun though. It’s almost like a competition to see who is closest…
I believe I’m right in saying parts of currency markets work on speculation? And betting is literally just speculation. Neither are necessarily a bad thing (okay, maybe betting is a bit), and neither is speculating about an update that is likely to come out in the near future! It’s just a bit of fun and nothing to get worked up over. Nobody is being harmed when someone takes a vague punt at when the update will come out. Just take a drink, sit back, relax and embrace the game!


We are at 18.6


Then why is it 19.1 we come to?😂😂


1st update of 2019, hence 19.1


Because it’s a new development period. Sometimes the period is determined by a new year or some exotic change in the app. In this case it was determined by the new year.


That is actually a good explication


Much appreciated!


Patience is key… stop speculating


You do realize that at most international airports the communications between ATC and pilots are in english, right?


Speculate?! We did discuss what update we are in now😂😂


I just quote myself, I did writie wrong


There are people here who seem to have belly pain because they add nothing and want to own the topic. Calm down, the class is excited about the update and talking about her release. Good flights!


was talking to everyone in general, and anyways they closed my topic lol ;)


So I came here to see whats up. Oh nothing except saying it will be out tomorrow or it may not. Lets just say that now as guessing will not release it any sooner.


wat do u mean limited time