19.1 Status & General Updates


it looks cooler😁 maybe because it’s sharpness


Does anyone know how long it takes for Apple to accept an update?


feels like years


2 days or 3


I’d stop speculating on the time it takes for Apple to review and accept/reject updates. It depends on a multitude of factors.

19.1 will be ready when it’s ready, and released.


A day or so

Might be out tomorrow


Or 2020. Both likely possibilities. lol


gets rejected by apple


Could be. Could also be next week. Perhaps the week after that. We don’t know. It’ll come when it comes.


I love how everyone is so hyped and speculate a lot for the 19.1 update. 😁 Me too. And we don’t know.


Yes it takes 2-3 days for Apple to review the updates and apps such as this one so might be today Thursday or Friday unless it gets rejected -.-


Apple does have a lot on them all the time, but a flight sim is the least of their worries. they might just run it through a anti-corruption software.


The bottom line is that we don’t know when it’ll be released, and we can just be hyped and excited while we wait. 🙂


Not long to wait I’m sure, regardless of timings I’m sure we will all be happy flyers in the interim 😀


Damn I hope it comes soon I mean I was never hyped that much for an app Update lol
I check so often the play store and hope to see a update for Infinite Flight popping up!


It won’t pop up on your respected app store until Jason releases the v19.1 release notes in #announcements :)


Guys, stop speculating!


Right The body too


Just relax folks, take a drink, have some rest, enjoy 19.0 while we still have it, of course this update comes with things we want, but after this we sont be able to fly in 19.0 for endless amount of time


I think I should create a topic called: 19.1 Update Speculation

haha :)